Box Office Wrap Up: Tapping the Brakes.

Box Office Wrap Up: Tapping the Brakes.

With Covid-19 re-surging, theaters delay opening and numbers tumble.

Instead of a triumphant return after the first wide release since lock down began, the box office took a big step backwards. Amid backlash over mask policies and rising case numbers across the country, many theaters pushed back their time tables for reopening. All of this, plus scattershot reporting, paints an increasingly shaky picture for the theater business.

This Week in Box Office History.

The weekly numbers come with a big caveat: the only wide release film, Irresistible, did not report any numbers this weekend. Since the film premiered on digital and at theaters, it’s unlikely that it had no sales figures. It’s more likely that the studio is either late reporting them or is sitting on less than stellar numbers to avoid bad publicity.

Box Office Wrap Up: Tapping the Brakes.

The numbers we do have portray a rather large set back for the movie going industry. Figures fell 53% from last week, the second week in a row of declining revenue after a largely encouraging string of gains through May and early June.

Top Film One Year Ago: Toy Story 4.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Toy Story 3.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: The Blues Brothers.

Alright boys, shoot the skinny one if he tries to make a sequel!

Top Three Films.

Followed topped the charts for a second weekend in a row. The social media horror film took in 77 thousand dollars, falling 50% from last weekends debut. It has taken in 327 thousand dollars domestically in total.

Becky popped up a spot to number two with 72 thousand dollars in earnings. It dropped a much more moderate 14% from last week, bringing it’s US total to over 800 thousand. With solid staying power and the sudden lack of competition from rescheduled wide releases, Becky has a good shot of being the second film to hit 1 million dollars during the pandemic.

The Wretched rounded out the top three of terror with 39 thousand dollars. It dropped 45%, which makes prospects for hitting 2 million dollars in total iffy. It sits at 1.6 million dollars domestic currently.

Other Films.

With the lack of reporting and reversals in theater openings, only one new film makes the top ten. The Transcendents opened in just one theater, taking in 358 dollars. I think a brief history of movies during the pandemic is going to show a clear lesson: if you’re not a horror movie, go digital!

Top Ten Films.

  1. Followed (77.6K)
  2. Becky (72.7K)
  3. The Wretched (39.6K)
  4. Stardog and Turbocat (23.2K)
  5. The Trip to Greece (1.0K)
  6. Babyteeth (.5K)
  7. The Transcendents (.3K)
  8. Sex and the Future (.09K)

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