Box Office Wrap Up: Tenet Bests Broken Hearts.

The box office stumbled as the new wide release failed to make the top three.

Two steps forward and one step back categorizes the box office in September. After two solid weeks of growth and a trio of high profile wide releases, the box office shrank with the disappointing performance of The Broken Hearts Gallery.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was down over 50% from last week, taking in just 12 million dollars across all domestic films. In what has become a largely irrelevant statistic since Covid hit, the box office was down 88% compared to last year. I guess that’s at least an improvement over the “down 99.9%” figure we’ve been dealing with for months now.

Top Film One Year Ago: IT Chapter 2.

Nobody likes a sad, psychotic clown.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Resident Evil: Afterlife.

I can’t remember, was this one of the good ones?

Top Film 40 41 Years Ago: Alien.

So let me get this straight: we figured out space travel but not the “don’t put your face over ominous, hissing alien pod” thing?

Top Three Films.

Tenet took the top spot for a second weekend, adding 6.7 million dollars in sales for a cumulative total of 29.5 million dollars. Not exactly at the break even point, but luckily the film has racked up 178 million dollars in foreign sales.

The New Mutants hung on for second place. It has taken in a total of 15 million dollars domestically…and a rather unfortunate 14 million dollars overseas.

Unhinged rounds out the top three. In it’s five weeks of release it has managed to pull down 13 million dollars in the US and another 12 million dollars internationally, well shy of its 33 million dollar budget.

Other Films.

The Broken Hearts Gallery premiered in fourth place with just over a million dollars in ticket sales. It has done well with both critics and audience scores, but it’s hard to see the film really taking off with so much competition for rom-coms on streaming services.

Top Ten Films.

*In Millions

  1. Tenet (6.7)
  2. The New Mutants (2.0)
  3. Unhinged (1.5)
  4. The Broken Hearts Gallery (1.1)
  5. Bill and Ted Face the Music (.29)
  6. Words on Bathroom Walls (.22)
  7. The Spongebob Movie Sponge on the Run (.22)
  8. The Personal History of David Copperfield (.19)
  9. Peninsula (.05)
  10. Cut Throat City (.04)

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