Box Office Wrap Up: Terminator…is Back?

Box Office Wrap Up: Back?

The sixth Terminator film took first place, but will a soft box office lead to a Dark Fate?

Terminator: Dark Fate led the box office. While earnings rallied slightly, numbers are still lagging. This is especially the case for blockbuster sequels, which have had a spotty track record this year. Dark Fate is going to have to bring a lot bigger guns to the fight in the coming weeks if it wants to stay alive.

Yeah, that looks like an appropriately sized gun.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office recovered a bit from a soft October finish, adding 6% to earnings. That was the first bit of good news. The second bit was that the first week of November has been really soft over the last decade, and 2019 managed to be in the top five compared to those totals. OK, now the bad news.

Domestic totals were down 21% from last year, taking in just 114 million dollars. An off week is one thing, but the numbers suggest that Hollywood is really misjudging interest badly this year.

A big budget noir detective story in 2019? Are you out of your mind, sonny jim!?

Just this week, Motherless Brooklyn took in just 3 million against a 26 million dollar budget, Arctic Dogs took in 3 against 46 million, and Dark Fate took in 29 against a budget that could be as high as 200 million. Those are huge deficits, all fighting each other over scraps from a taciturn box office.

Top Film One Year Ago: Bohemian Rhapsody.

King for a weekend.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: This Is It.

Box Office Wrap Up: Back?
Speaking of things which have not aged well…

Top Three Films.

Terminator: Dark Fate landed in first place with 29 million dollars. Looking at the Terminator Franchise, that’s not great numbers, but there is a silver lining. Despite not matching T:2, T:3, or even T:Salvation, it did beat T:Genisys. It also had much better critic and audience impressions than the previous outing. Foreign sales were solid, at about 100 million. If positive word of mouth can revive its US numbers while maintaining solid overseas figures, it may avoid Judgment Day.

Box Office Wrap Up: Back?
The franchise is a bit banged up, by this point.

Joker dropped back down to second place while Maleficent took third.

Other Films.

The Harriet Tubman biopic, starring the very talented Cynthia Erivo, opened at fourth with 12 million dollars. That beat early projections and looks solid compared to a 17 million dollar budget.

The third new wide release, Ed Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn, landed with a thud at number nine. It took in just 3 million dollars, and has not been troubled with middling reviews.

Our last new release, the animated Arctic Dogs, barely mushed across the finish line in tenth place. Featuring a lead voice actor, Jeremy Renner, currently being dogged by scandal, a barely comprehensible plot, and rather lackluster visuals, I think the studio should be grateful it even broke the top ten.

Yeah. Not suprised this flopped.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Terminator: Dark Fate (29.0)
  2. Joker (13.9)
  3. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (12.1)
  4. Harriet (12.0)
  5. The Addams Family (8.4)
  6. Zombieland: Double Tap (7.3)
  7. Countdown (5.8)
  8. Black and Blue (4.0)
  9. Motherless Brooklyn (3.6)
  10. Arctic Dogs (3.1)

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