Box Office Wrap Up: The Accountant Does the Numbers.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Accountant Does the Numbers.
Let's make some money!

Box Office Wrap Up: The Accountant Does the Numbers.

Despite a generally lean weak, Ben Affleck’s latest, The Accountant, exceeded projections.  Max Steel?  Not so much.

Two of the three new releases did just fine this weekend.  The Accountant actually did better than most forecasts and even out-earned his other films such as Argo and The Town.  Kevin Hart had to settle for a top three finish, but it has already earned back it’s budget in just one week.  Gotta love the economics of turning a comedy special into a wide release.  The last new release, Max Steel, had a much different outcome.

Top Three

Box Office Wrap Up: The Accountant Does the Numbers.
Let’s make some money!

The Accountant, the latest film from Ben Affleck managed to make a sizable splash.  The film grossed 24 million in the first week, against a 44 million dollar budget.  While there are bumps in the road ahead, notably Tom Cruise’s latest entry in the Jack Reacher franchise, this film is extremely safe when it comes to coming out ahead.

The Girl on the Train booked a ticket for second place.  The film, starring Emily Blunt, was in first place last week, and with a second week take of 12 million it finished second and made back its budget, plus some train fare.  Ba-dum-ching.

Third place went to Kevin Hart’s comedy special, What Now?  Its take of 11 million was solid, and made back all of its 10 million budget.  It has had great critical success, so should be doing just fine.

Broken Toy

Box Office Wrap Up: The Accountant Does the Numbers.

The real tragedy this weekend was Max Steel.  This movie, based on a line of toys rather than angry nerd-tear stained wood pulp (read: comic books), melted down hard.  Like harder than your best friend’s little sister (who you suspect had a bit of crush on you) who comes over during the height of a re-enactment of the final days of Cobra as G.I. Joe is finally using all of the motley assortment of mashed up vehicles you and your friends can assemble (including Duke proudly riding Battle-Cat, who seems to have actually grown fungus on his body instead of fur) and then she, the angry heart-broken younger lass, takes Duke, astride his fetid feline mount, and throws it on top of the garage, never to be seen again.  That is how hard this movie failed.  Thank you for letting me air those grievances (and Rebecca, I’ll never ever forgive you, and that is why I always threw your Barbie into the sand box which I KNEW Mr. Mittens used as a poop box.  So there.)

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.   The Accountant  (24.7)

2.  The Girl on the Train  (12.2)

3.  Kevin Hart:  What Now?  (11.7)

4.  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children  (8.9)

5.  Deepwater Horizon  (6.4)

6.  Storks  (5.6)

7.  The Magnificent Seven  (5.2)

8.  Middle School:  The Worst Years of My Life  (4.3)

9.  Sully  (2.8)

10.  The Birth of a Nation  (2.7)

11.  Max Steel  (2.1)  yuck.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Accountant Does the Numbers.


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