Box Office Wrap Up: The Little Things Catches #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Little Things Catches #1.

Denzel Washington led the box office rally with The Little Things.

It wasn’t hard to predict the top film this weekend, but there were some surprises in the rest of the top ten. Every weekend in which a new film has hit wide release has seen that film become the new number one, so The Little Things had little to worry about. It was a winner for HBO as well, who claimed it was the most watched item on HBO Max thanks to its day and date release on streaming.

This Week in Box Office History.

The Little Things supplied just under half of the voltage that got the needle moving this weekend, with almost five million dollars of the 11 million dollar total. That’s well short of the 7.8 million dollars that The Marksman opened with in January, but since nearly every film in the top ten is now a wide release, the overall numbers were nearly as strong as when Marksman opened on the MLK holiday weekend.

Top Film One Year Ago: Bad Boys for Life

Box Office Wrap Up: Bad Boys Bank.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: The Roomate

Oh, so Cam Gigandet did make more movies than just a lousy penis comedy.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Go ahead, celebrate!

Top Three Films.

It’s hard to quantify if The Little Things opening is truly a success. It took in just 4.7 million dollars against a 30 million dollar budget, but the intangibles of its simultaneous virtual release on HBO Max hide the true totals. It received middling reviews, so it will be interesting to see if that cool reception coupled with an easy streaming option freeze up its numbers.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Little Things Catches #1.
It’s important to maintain social distancing…especially around Jared Leto.

The Croods 2 remained in the second spot. The film has weathered box office shakeups well, rarely dropping out of the top three. It’s current total haul stands at 43 million dollars.

Wonder Woman 1984, another film also available on streaming, took the third spot. It’s nearly hit 40 million dollars in US ticket sales, and has passed the 150 million dollar mark globally.

Other Films.

No other new release managed to crack the top ten this weekend. Supernova, with Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, came the closest at 11th place. It took in 93 thousand dollars in 330 theaters, for a lackluster 283 dollar per screen average.

Top Ten Films

*In Millions

  1. The Little Things (4.70)
  2. The Croods – A New Age (1.81)
  3. Wonder Woman 1984 (1.30)
  4. The Marksman (1.25)
  5. Monster Hunter (.73)
  6. News of the World (.54)
  7. Promising Young Woman (.26)
  8. Fatale (.21)
  9. Our Friend (.15)
  10. The War with Grandpa (.14)

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