Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!
Fine, I'll bite...

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!

Jason Statham’s giant shark flick, The Meg, took a big bite out of the box office in a surprisingly busy weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!
Fine, I’ll bite…

Both The Meg and Slender Man are handily outperforming studio expectations this week.  I have to say I find it mind boggling: by all accounts, neither movie is any good.  Reviews of Slender Man have it pegged as downright dreadful!  Audience polling isn’t bucking that trend either, with The Meg at 62% on Rotten Tomatoes and Slender Man at a dismal 29%.  A heat wave gripping much of the country could explain increased attendance…but it was this hot last week when people stayed home in droves.  I guess I just don’t understand people and their undying love of awful shark movies.

This Week in Box Office History.

The over-performance of the new releases led for a modest mid August rally.  The box office was up 4% from last week and 23% from last year.  The bump reverses the week-on-week decline we’ve been experiencing since the high-water mark in mid June.  It was a solid gain, but once again not a true sea change.  Last week the box office was just on the lower half of average for the decade; this week it was just on the higher half of that average.  The same can be said of the totals for August to date, although the Summer season a whole has been extremely robust.  There’s a solid chance Summer 2018 will edge out Summer 2013 for the highest gross of the decade.

Top Film Last Year: Annabelle 2

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!

Top Film Last Decade: The Dark Knight.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!
I know. I’m baffled too.

The Meg rode a tsunami of interest into the box office, nearly doubling early studio estimates.  What looked destined for a “ho hum” 25 million dollar opening instead chomped down nearly 45 million dollars in revenue.  It also made waves overseas with almost 100 million in foreign sales.  A breathless media campaign surely bloated its 130 million dollar production budget, but for now The Meg looks to be sitting pretty.

Mission: Impossible Fallout fell from a plane into second place.  Like it’s star, it continues to age gracefully, dropping just 43% in it’s third week.  Overall it has grossed 160 million in the US and 437 million worldwide.

Disney’s Christopher Robin strolled into third place with 12 million dollars.  Despite a slower than expected debut, the live-action Disney flick has brought in 50 million at home.  The China ban is hurting Pooh’s take abroad, where the film has netted just 12 million dollars since release.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!Slender Man put on a decent first week showing despite critical derision.  Not projected to break double digits, the viral meme inspired horror film took down nearly 12 million in sales.

The unexpectedly strong showing of Slender Man bumped Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman from the 4th spot down to 5th.  Lee’s latest is shaping up to be one of his best critically received film…and the money ain’t half bad either.  The film took in 10 million against a 15 million dollar budget. At 1500 screens, there is plenty of room to grow.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Meg Has Teeth!
OK, pal, leave the dog puns to the professionals!

The one new release that didn’t ride the wave was Dog Days.  The puppy centered comedy from director Ken Marino (How to be a Latin Lover) whimpered into 12th place with just 2 million dollars against a 10 million dollar budget.  That’s ruff!

Top Ten Films.

(In Millions)

1.  The Meg  (44.5)

2.  Mission: Impossible Fallout  (20.0)

3.  Disney’s Christopher Robin  (12.4)

4.  Slender Man  (11.3)

5.  BlacKkKlansman  (10.7)

6.  The Spy Who Dumped Me (6.6)

7.  Mama Mia! Here We Go Again  (5.8)

8.  The Equalizer 2  (5.5)

9.  Hotel Transylvania 3  (5.1)

10.  Ant-Man and the Wasp  (4.0)

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