Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.
Keep looking Arthur.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.

King Arthur gets slain at the box office while Guardians of the Galaxy repeats at #1.

Schadenfreude is the word this week, as the most interesting news was not which movies did well, but which did poorly.  It was no surprise that Marvel’s latest blockbuster would remain at the top spot, but nobody predicted just how poorly the new arrivals fared.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.
Still on top, baby (Groot)!

This week stayed pretty close to the average when compared to the last decade.  That’s hardly surprising since the last decade has had a Marvel film in first place 8 times (nine if you count Sony’s Spider-Man 3!)  Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 managed a fairly standard decline of 55%.  A touch on the high side, but it was facing two other movies aimed at the same demographic.

Top 3 Films.

Guardians 2 stayed put on top, earning 65 million.  That puts the domestic take at nearly 250 million, and the global total well over 600 million.  While it saw a larger drop than films like Captain America 3, it is still on pace to hit the billion dollar club.

This weekend saw the Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn comedy Snatched snatch away second place from Guy Ritchie…the director of Snatch.  I’m just putting that out there.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.
Just saying.
Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.
Keep looking Arthur.

Third place did indeed fall to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, but it is a cold comfort for the director and studio.  The film under performed its projected earnings, only taking in a paltry 15 million against a whopping 175 million dollar budget.  Word of mouth is middling, and critics didn’t HATE the film…but nobody felt particularly inclined to see it.  With only tepid earnings abroad, King Arthur appears to be the first mega flop of the calendar year.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Once and Future Flop.One film that over performed in its first week was Lowriders.  The drama about a young man struggling with a father who is dangerously obsessed with lowrider car culture opened in only 300 theaters, but managed just shy of 3 million dollars, landing in 8th place.

The film features a young diverse cast and explores aspects of Southern Californian culture.  Mexican and latino themes, actors, and directors have been largely ignored by Hollywood for some time, but that trend seems to be reversing.  As one of the most avid movie going demographics, and growing, it is high time films and artists from that heritage got more recognition.

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.  Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2  (65.2)

2.  Snatched  (19.5)

3.  King Arthur:  Legend of the Sword  (15.3)

4.  The Fate of the Furious  (5.4)

5.  Beauty and the Beast  (4.8)

6.  The Boss Baby  (4.4)

7.  How to be a Latin Lover  (3.8)

8.  Lowriders  (2.4)

9.  The Circle  (1.7)

10.  Baahubali 2:  The Conclusion  (1.5)

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