Box Office Wrap Up: The Tax Collector Collects Win.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Tax Collector Collects Win.

Shia Labeouf‘s new crime thriller The Tax Collector cashed a big return on opening weekend.

Despite the state of the country, the box office looked healthy heading into the second week of August. Despite no blockbuster re-releases, a dozen limited release films combined to keep earnings steady.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office dropped 24% versus last weekend. Despite the road bump, there are plenty of encouraging numbers under the hood.

First, the top movie took home more than 300 thousand dollars…and it wasn’t even an IFC horror film! Star power and a fairly robust 129 screen debut helped The Tax Collector rake in one of the best releases, both for money and screen count, of the pandemic. All told, the top three combined for more than 500 thousand dollars.

Second, there weren’t any big name re-releases to juice the numbers. While that meant a bit of a drop overall, it shows that the box office is healthy enough to put up solid numbers (for the pandemic era) just relying on new films. That should be encouraging for other medium and small budget films looking to test the waters.

Top Film One Year Ago: Hobbs & Shaw

See It Instead: Hobbs and Shaw.
I dare you to raise your eyebrow first!

Top Film Ten Years Ago: The Other Guys.


Top Film 40 Years Ago: The Empire Strikes Back.

Top Three Films.

The Tax Collector, from RLJE Films, took in 309 thousand dollars. That makes it the third highest grossing film for newcomer RLJE. The company has only been around since 2015, and their biggest title to date was the psychedelic horror Mandy.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Tax Collector Collects Win.
Shia wants his money.

The Rental added another 123 thousand dollars in second place. This brings its current run to over a million dollars. That’s just the third film to hit the one million mark since theaters shut down, alongside The Wretched and The Relic.

Another new film, Peninsula from Well Go USA, rounded out the top three. It took in 118 thousand dollars in just 48 theaters. The film, the prequel to Korean cult phenomenon Train to Busan, took in about 50% of the first film’s debut.

Um…back on the train?

Other Films.

The third new release, Made in Italy featuring Liam Neeson, came in fifth with 33 thousand dollars. It suffered from so-so critical reviews…and likely from being a family drama instead of another Taken iteration.

Box Office Wrap Up: The Tax Collector Collects Win.
Yeah, his list of “particular skills” is way less impressive here.

Top Ten Films.

  1. The Tax Collector (309.9K)
  2. The Rental (123.7K)
  3. Peninsula (118.6K)
  4. The Big Ugly (71.6K)
  5. Made in Italy (33.9K)
  6. The Burnt Orange Heresy (26.1K)
  7. Juvenile Delinquents (11.6K)
  8. The Grizzlies (1.6K)
  9. What We Found (1.5K)
  10. Killer Raccoons 2 (1.2K)

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