Box Office Wrap Up: The Tiger, The Kitten, and the Lombax.

Box Office Wrap Up:  The Jungle Book easily holds off three newcomers.

Ratchet and Clank Box office Wrap Up
Go kick rocks, kid.

This weekend was another great box office frame for Disney, which had both the domestic and foreign number one spots nailed down.  The Jungle Book remained at the top spot domestically with a very modest 30% drop off from last week, pulling in a healthy 43 million.  Across the water, Captain American: Civil War opened up to a sizzling 200 million dollars.  When that bad boy opens up this week in the States, you can bet that an opening in the 150 million dollars range will be in the cards.

The Huntsman:  Winter’s War retained second place, but it was cold comfort as the film dropped a significant 50%.  The film has languished at home, pulling down only 35 million cumulatively on a 115 million dollar budget…but the film is finding traction abroad with a 95 million take.  Much like the original, this film is aimed at other markets and is going to make almost all of its lifetime gross overseas.

In third place we get to the first of our new releases with Key and Peele’s Keanu which made just a shade under ten million.  For a first effort with a modest budget, that number is pretty decent, though less than what projections had hoped for.  Critics and fans gave it a decent rating, so it should fair decently, although what anyone not named Steve Rogers is going to make next weekend is a mystery.

Mothers day Box Office Wrap Up
Maybe get her some chocolates instead.

Gary Marshall’s Mother’s Day, the third holiday titled ensemble comedy from the director, landed with a thud at just over eight million.  Compared to the 56 million dollar opening of 2010’s Valentine’s Day, this is a disastrous opening, and the loosely related trilogy has been hemorrhaging viewers since the first outing.  Critics have not been kind, either, with the film sitting at an absurdly lousy 8% on Rotten Tomatoes.  The Tomato-meter has been incredibly rough on films lately.

The last new release, Ratchet and Clank, came in at a dismal seventh, grossing just 4.8 million.  Video Game adaptations have a troubled history at the box office, and this film was a pretty generic space adventure aimed more at reviving the video game franchise than creating any real cinematic legacy.  The bad news is we’ve got at least three more games-to-movie flicks coming our way this year, and Hollywood seems to be keen on making even more in the future.

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.  The Jungle Book (43.7)

2.  The Huntsman:  Winter’s War  (9.6)

3.  Keanu  (9.4)

4.  Mother’s Day  (8.3)

5.  Barbershop:  The Next Cut  (6.0)

6.  Zootopia  (5.3)

7.  Ratchet and Clank  (4.8)

8.  The Boss  (4.2)

9.  Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice  (3.8)

10.  Criminal  (1.3)


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