Box Office Wrap Up: Theaters Shuttered.

Box Office Wrap Up: Theaters Shuttered.

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, theater chains close down nationwide.

How do you talk about box office figures when, without much exaggeration, there aren’t any? With AMC and Regal shuttering their franchises across the country, the movie theater industry in American is effectively closed.

Only one film opened this weekend (Phoenix, Oregon), playing in an intriguing hybrid virtual format. It may show a way forward for smaller, indie films through the pandemic. We’ll break down the numbers.

This Week in Box Office History.

Well. With virtually all of US theaters being shuttered, you can guess the numbers are pretty horrific. Box Office Mojo posts a disclaimer that while they are still collecting data, many distributors just aren’t shipping out numbers. So with what figures we do have, it looks that the US box office took in…

3,920 dollars.

Well. That’s *taps on calculator* a drop of 100% compared to last week. And, um, a drop of *taps on calculator some more* 100% compared to last year. I have a feeling that number isn’t going to budge much in the coming weeks.

Top Film One Year Ago: Us.

Box Office Wrap Up: Us Shocks Box Office.
Things are scary enough as it is.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Alice in Wonderland.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Kramer Vs. Kramer.

Top Three Films?

Well, by dint of existing, Phoenix, Oregon takes the provisional top spot. The folks behind this indie comedy worked out a reassuringly egalitarian model for releasing their picture: they released it digitally, but partnered with 17 indie theaters closed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 50% of all revenue is then split by the makers and the theaters.

Box Office Wrap Up: Theaters Shuttered.
That’s one way to socially distance.

Now, 50% of just under four thousand dollars probably won’t keep those folks in the indie movie business in buttered popcorn, but it’s a damn noble experiment. They’re only charging 6.50 a virtual ticket, too. Makes The Invisible Man and The Hunt, which are available for early rental at a wallet-gouging 20 dollars, look pretty bad.

Start the car, he saw the VOD charges on his credit card!

Lost in America had the dubious distinction of coming in second place out of two films in the race. Good news: it was in 17th place last weekend. Bad News: second place this weekend equaled 70 dollars in ticket sales. Ouch.

Top Ten Two Films.

  1. Phoenix, Oregon (3.8K)
  2. Lost in America (0.07K)

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