Box Office Wrap Up: Unhinged Opens Wide.

Box Office Wrap Up: Unhinged Opens Wide.

Our first pandemic wide release blew the doors open to take first place.

In a big step forward for theaters, Russell Crowe’s new thriller, Unhinged, took the top spot with the US’s first new wide release since Covid-19 shuttered theaters. A second wide release, the romance Words on Bathroom Walls, also had a strong premier, though its take was more in line with “good for films releasing during the pandemic.”

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office took in 6.6 million dollars domestically. That’s only the sixth time the box office has broken the million dollar mark since the mid-March closures, and the first time it has topped 5 million dollars. It was up over 225% from last weekend’s totals, though it is still down 92% compared to last year’s, non pandemic figures.

Unhinged undoubtedly led the charge, contributing 4 million of the total. It expanded to just under two thousand screens this weekend, nearly double the locations of it’s nearest competitor (fellow wide release, Words on Bathroom Walls opened in 900 theaters.)

Top Film One Year Ago: Angel has Fallen.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: The Expendables.

Top Film 39 Years Ago: An American Werewolf in London.

Puberty is a bitch.

Top Three Films.

Unhinged took the top spot, adding an even 4 million to its cumulative take of 5 million dollars domestically. This is Crowe’s second pandemic release, having also featured in the relatively successful (and likely Oscar nominated) True History of the Kelly Gang back in April.

Box Office Wrap Up: Unhinged Opens Wide.
Nobody mention The Mummy and we all just walk away!

SpongeBob floated down to second place, holding steady with another half million dollars in US earnings. It has managed to gross 1.5 million dollars in two weeks, while slowly expanding theater presence.

Words on Bathroom Walls rounded out the top three with a 419 thousand dollar opening. While that is a solid figure for the new Covid-19 landscape, I’d imagine it’s a bit of a failure since the film launched in so many locations. It put up a rather unflattering average of just 453 dollars per theater versus Unhinged’s over two thousand dollar per average.

Box Office Wrap Up: Unhinged Opens Wide.
I’ve seen plenty of words on bathroom walls…none of which I’d classify as romantic.

Other Films.

The only other new film to crack the top ten was the RZA’s crime drama, Cut Throat City. It premiered in fifth place with 243 thousand dollars. As RZA’s third directing job, it was unable to match the success of his first outing, The Man with the Iron Fists.

More Kung Fu next time?

Top Ten Films.

(In Millions, Re-release in Italics)

  1. Unhinged (4.00)
  2. Sponge on the Run (.55)
  3. Words on Bathroom Walls (.41)
  4. The Goonies (.26)
  5. Cut Throat City (.24)
  6. The Empire Strikes Back (.23)
  7. Peninsula (.21)
  8. Jurassic Park (.18)
  9. Back to the Future (.14)
  10. The Tax Collector (.12)

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