Box Office Wrap Up: Uprising Topples Panther.

Box Office Wrap Up: Uprising Topples Panther.

Box Office Wrap Up: Uprising Topples Panther.

Black Panther loses the top spot to Pacific Rim 2, but gains immortality as the biggest super hero movie of all time.

Black Panther’s run at number one is over, but not before it sealed its place in the history books.  The new champ is Pacific Rim Uprising, which may not have shocked the US box office with its ticket sales, but is already on its way to putting up huge foreign numbers, especially in the lucrative Chinese box office.  The rest of the gaggle of new releases had fairly disappointing weekends as the March box office figures continue to lag behind recent years.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Uprising Topples Panther.
Still on top.

Marvel’s Black Panther may have dropped a spot on the domestic chart, but the cast and studio should still be celebrating:  Black Panther is the highest domestic grossing super hero movie of all time and the number five best grossing domestic film of all time.  While it has taken in a solid 600 million in overseas tickets, it still has some heavy lifting to do to catch The Avengers 1 and 2.  Due to their gigantic foreign sales, they still lead in total earnings when you combine US and foreign sales.

My advice to Black Panther fans?  Run up the scoreboard.  Don’t just run it up, blow it up.  Don’t leave any footnotes or asterisks next to its space on the records list.  You know there’s always going to be somebody who is going to try to explain away the fact that a movie featuring a black-led cast and crew is on top.  Don’t give them any room to.

The Natural
That looks about right.

This week I figured it would be fun to add a new feature to the Week in Box Office History.  We’re going to look at what movies were in the top spot a year and a decade ago in addition to overall numbers.  Overall, the box office was down just about 6% from last week and 41% from last year.  Despite a full-court press of new releases, we just couldn’t match the money Beauty and the Beast was making.

Top Movie Last Year:  Beauty and the Beast.

Top Movie Last Decade:  Horton Hears a Who!

Box Office Wrap Up: Uprising Topples Panther.
It was a simpler time…wait, what? They’re already rebooting The Grinch!? Crud.

Top Three.

Pacific Rim Uprising came in a bit higher than anticipated from studio projections and took in 28 million dollars at the US box office.  This was good enough for first place.  While this may not seem like a strong start to a film that cost upwards of 150 million dollars, the real prize for Universal Studio was how well their targeted approach to foreign markets worked:  the film took in 122 million dollars abroad.  This could be a movie that struggles to make 100 million at home while doing 500 million overseas.  The first Pacific Rim topped out at 101 million at home and 309 abroad.

Pacific Rim Uprising Box Office Totals
First, we target key foreign box offices. Second, we beat up some monsters. On three.

Black Panther took second place with 16 million dollars.  This was another strong hold for the film which has continued to age gracefully in theaters, even in the face of stiff competition.

I Can Only Imagine Movie Box Office
Now only imagine if it were any good!

I Can Only Imagine continued to shock analysts by staying in the third spot for another week.  The film took in 13 million dollars and has packed on 38 million dollars so far against a budget of just 7 million.  It has made it into the top ten all time of music biopics and top 15 of Christian themed films.

Other Films.

Sherlock Gnomes had to settle for fourth place, which I guess is OK since I didn’t even know this movie was out yet!  The 10 million dollar opening was well below Gnomeo and Juliet’s 25 million dollar debut.  It doesn’t bode well for making back the nearly 70 million dollar budget.  I guess Paramount should have gnome when to hold ’em and gnome when to fold ’em.

Sherlock Gnomes Box Office
What, you’re the only one who can make crappy gnome puns?
Thoroughbreds Movie, Box Office
Your move.

In fifth place, Tomb Raider continues to struggle at home despite a solid foreign take.  I hate to generalize, but ladies, can we talk?  After making a big show at the Oscars about wanting equal showing, female-led movies like Annihilation, A Wrinkle in Time, Red Sparrow and Thoroughbreds have all withered on the vine.  That’s a serious sci fi film, a young adult film, two action films and a smart indie drama, and one of those films has the rare distinction of having a woman of color directing.  There’s nothing there you want to throw your clout behind?  Inclusion Riders aren’t going to be worth tissue paper if Hollywood thinks female-led movies are box office rat poison.

Paul, Apostle of Christ posted 5 million on the dot against a 5 million budget in eighth place, so that’s a wash.  Midnight Sun managed 4 million dollars for tenth place and Unsane put up just under 4 million to fall just outside the top ten.  While I was hoping that film would do more, Unsane only needed to recoup 1.7 million dollars to be profitable.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions.)

1.  Pacific Rim Uprising  (28.0)

2.  Black Panther  (16.6)

3.  I Can Only Imagine  (13.8)

4.  Sherlock Gnomes  (10.6)

5.  Tomb Raider  (10.4)

6.  A Wrinkle in Time  (8.0)

7.  Love, Simon  (7.8)

8.  Paul, Apostle of Christ  (5.0)

9.  Game Night  (4.1)

10.  Midnight Sun  (4.1)

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