Box Office Wrap Up: Who’s the Boss?

Box Office Wrap Up:  The Boss V The Bat.

the boss2Melissa McCarthy managed to end Batman V Superman’s run at number one this week with her new comedy, The Boss.  While her newest offering didn’t match up to her past success with Spy, which had an opening just shy of 30 million, her take of 23 million is strong enough to just edge past the super friends, and is pretty much right in line with studio expectations.

Dawn of Justice had to settle for second place after a much more reasonable 53% decline from last week’s giant drop off.  Despite the fast fade, BvS is sitting at just under 300 million domestically, and just under 800 million world-wide.  While that may sound like a great set of numbers, the 60-40 split of foreign to domestic earnings is not ideal for a Hollywood blockbuster since foreign box offices don’t share revenue with the studio as lucratively as US markets.

Disney held on to third place with Zootopia, which has managed to put up a 300 million dollar domestic run which doesn’t look to be troubled by any competition for the foreseeable future.

hard posterIt’s hard to say if STX is feeling disappointed with Hardcore Henry’s fifth place finish at just over 5 million dollars.  I enjoyed the hell out of that film, and while it is definitely a niche genre, I’m sure they were hoping the novelty of a first-person action shooter was going to draw a few more eyeballs.  The per-theater average was really weak (I know I was sitting in a mostly empty theater when I saw it on opening night.)  Hopefully Henry can find a stim-pack and manage a decent long-term haul.

Another film that had a weak per-theater average was the national expansion of Eye in the Sky.  Critical acclaim and Alan Rickman’s last performance just didn’t translate into sales for this military thriller about the ethical issues of drone strikes.

Top Movies

(In Millions)

10.  Eye in the Sky  (2.8)

9.  10 Cloverfield Lane  (2.9)

8.  The Divergent Series:  Allegiant  (3.5)

7.  God’s Not Dead 2  (4.0)

6.  Miracles from Heaven  (4.7)

5.  Hardcore Henry  (5.1)

4.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2  (6.4)

3.  Zootopia  (14.3)

2.  Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice  (23.3)

1.  The Boss  (23.5)

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