Box Office Wrap Up: Winner by Default.

Box Office Wrap Up: Winner by Default.

We’ve got numbers again! One number, for one movie. So they win!

After a week without any new box office figures, we see some ticket numbers retroactively trickling in. It turns out that two movies, using virtual ticketing, actually posted stats for last weekend. This weekend, only one of those movies remained. Let’s check it out.

This Week in Box Office History.

As we mentioned, numbers finally came in for the end of March. Two films, Strike and Phoenix Oregon, were able to record sales for about three thousand dollars. That’s roughly on par for the preceding week, and just a touch higher than this week in which only Phoenix Oregon reported tickets.

Box Office Wrap Up: Winner by Default.
Fans of Wallace and Gromit style stop-motion should get a kick out of this soccer flick.

Top Film One Year Ago: Shazam!

I don’t care if you are an immortal super hero, six feet of social distance pal.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Clash of the Titans.

Sorry, champ, we don’t need Medusa’s head to freeze everything in place these days.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: When Time Ran Out…

A disaster movie? Seems pretty apt.

Top Three One Film.

After briefly losing it’s crown to the British animated film, Strike, Phoenix Oregon returned to the top spot. Well…the only spot. In its third week in virtual release, the indie film took in just shy of three thousand dollars. It’s cumulative take sits at ten thousand dollars.

That might not sound all that great but…

A. It’s been the number one movie for two out of three weeks!

B. Phoenix Oregon was the first film to take the generous step of sharing its ticket sales with partnered art house theaters as the pandemic shuttered the industry. Any money they take in is a credit to them, and a good example for the rest of Hollywood.

Now that’s a Strike!

Top Ten One Films.

  1. Phoenix Oregon (2.9K)

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