Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.

Justice League wins a Pyrrhic victory, Wonder dazzles during a big November weekend.

DC’s hopes of duplicating Thor’s big winter weekend came to a bitter-sweet ending.  Justice League was the top movie but failed to cross the 100 million dollar mark domestically.  The overall box office was delighted, though, as this frame put up nearly 200 million dollars from the top earning films.  Unconventional dramas like Wonder and Lady Bird had fantastic weekends, continuing last week’s trend of audiences spreading the love around.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.
Winner, winner.

The week’s overall earnings of 199 million makes this period the fourth best earning weekend of the year.  Only July’s debut of Spider-Man: Homecoming and March’s strong run from Beauty and the Beast put up bigger numbers in 2017.

Compared to previous years, the box office was up 30% over last year, taking in the most money in this part of November since 2011 and the final installment of The Hunger Games.

Overall, November 2017 is still in an uncertain position.  The box office is hovering just under 800 million dollars with only one more big film to debut this month: Disney/Pixar’s Coco.  If that film ushers in a strong Thanksgiving week, we could be on our way to the fourth best November earnings.  If it has just a middling debut like Cars 3, then we’re going to find ourselves just shy of average.  No pressure, Disney.

Top Three Movies.

Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.
Maybe they should have let him have the box?

Justice League debuted in the top spot with 93 million dollars.  This is the softest opening for any film in the DC extended universe, and the franchise has been hemorrhaging cash even though the films have been getting better.  Critics were not as keen for this super team-up as we were, though the Cinemascore of B+ was not far off of our estimation.  A strong foreign take, as is the trend these days, means the film is in no danger, but it’s not an encouraging showing for DC and Warner Brothers, despite having corrected much of the tone in their franchise.

Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.Wonder, starring Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay (Room) had a fantastic debut in second place.  The uplifting drama premiered with 27 million dollars against a 20 million dollar budget, enough to push Thor to third place.

Thor: Ragnarok had to settle for bronze this week, adding in another 21 million dollars.  The Marvel giant has taken in 247 million in total domestically, landing it just outside the top ten all time earners in the MCU.  Worries that Justice League would eat into its totals were justified, as the film tumbled 62% compared to last week.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Wonder-full Weekend.
Apparently Woody Harrelson wants an Oscar real bad this year.

The other wide release making a debut this week, The Star, wound up at the sixth spot with just under 10 million dollars.  This is about half of its budget and slightly lower than expectations.  It is Sony’s third animated film of the year.

The other highlights of the weekend were a pair of limited release offerings.  Lady Bird continued its strong run from last weekend, adding 200 theaters to its roster and 2.5 million dollars to its total.  One spot down, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri took in a shade over 1 million dollars while showing in just 53 theaters.

Top Ten Films.

(In Millions)

1.  Justice League  (93.8)

2.  Wonder  (27.5)

3.  Thor: Ragnarok  (21.6)

4.  Daddy’s Home 2  (14.4)

5.  Murder on the Orient Express  (13.8)

6.  The Star  (9.8)

7.  A Bad Moms Christmas  (7.0)

8.  Lady Bird  (2.5)

9.  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  (1.1)

10.  Jigsaw  (1.0)

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