Box Office Wrap Up: Zootopia Holds, Brothers Grimsby Folds

Box Office Wrap Up:  Zootopia and Cloverfield Winners, Everyone Else Not So Much…

Yeah, pound it!
Yeah, pound it!

The box office has sharply divided this week between two big winners and half a dozen stinkers.  Last week’s winner, Disney’s Zootopia, had a remarkable hold, only dropping 17% from its debut.  With good word of mouth and no credible challenges on the horizon, don’t be surprised if Zootopia breaks some profit records in the animated film category.

Of the crop of new releases, only 10 Cloverfield Lane managed to find success, coming in at second place with nearly 25 million dollars.  For a sci-fi thriller hybrid with a subtle marketing campaign, that has got to be welcome news for Paramount Pictures.  The other three films to debut this week barely made a peep, with The Perfect Match making a modest 4 million dollars, The Young Messiah coming in at around three million, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Brothers Grimsby making slightly less than that (despite showing in a nearly a thousand more screens!)

I'd hide my face too...
I’d hide my face too…

Following up on several of the disastrous releases this month, Gods of Egypt has barely made 27 million dollars on a reported 140 million dollar budget, and Tina Fey’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has similarly failed to find any footing, notching less than half of its 40 million dollar budget since release.  Somebody should tell Warner Brothers to push Batman V Superman into April or there’s going to be too many turkeys to count this month!

Top Ten

(In Millions)
10.  Risen (2.2)
9.  Gods of Egypt  (2.5)
8.  The Brothers Grimsby  (3.2)
7.  The Young Messiah  (3.2)
6.  The Perfect Match  (4.2)
5.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  (4.6)
4.  London has Fallen  (10.8)
3.  Deadpool  (10.9)
2.  10 Cloverfield Lane  (24.7)
1.  Zootopia  (51.3)

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