Captain America: Civil War Trailers

Captain America: Civil War trailers

Captain America: Civil War Trailers – What Side Are You On?

We finally have a couple of Captain America: Civil War trailers to sink our teeth into, and I will say it is delicious. Finally, Marvel seems to be rounding the corner on their Disney-lite offerings such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and Antman. Marvel is poised to take an edgier turn for the time being, and have shown that with their Netflix franchises they are certainly capable. Marvel certainly needs a film to contend with the DCU‘s upcoming grittier offerings. Perhaps with the (spoilers) offing of Han Solo, Disney/Marvel is primed to embrace the dark side.

Let’s take a look at Captain America: Civil War’s 42 second Superbowl slotĀ  that aired before the game:


Hot shit. The chanting of united we stand, divided we fall sets the tone perfectly, rolling to the discovery of Bucky aka the Winter Soldier, and Iron Man/Tony Stark stating you picked the wrong side. That line alone made this trailer worthwhile. Did Marvel plan for their two biggest franchises to go head to head?

I’m positive that Civil War was in the roadmap for Marvels theatrical brand, but what a strike of luck that (outside of the Avengers) that their biggest draws happen to be the two opposing forces in this storyline. You’d be correct in saying that (outside of Spiderman and Avengers) that these two franchises are Marvels flagship enterprises. However, what if either one of these franchises stuttered? The Iron Man franchise has 3 films out, Captain America has two. Then toss in both Avengers flicks, and you have a total of seven movies that could have derailed this project.

The reason Marvel is so successful, lies in their casting. Just take a look at a few of their secondary characters in the universe:

Nick Fury: Samuel L. Jackson

Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson

Odin: Anthony Hopkins

Happy: Jon Favereau

War Machine: Don Cheadle

I could keep going on with the names of, Glenn Close, Benico Del Toro and Gwyneth Paltrow, Or their other leads, such as Chris Helmsworth and Paul Rudd. But im sure you get the point.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. play a massive role in the success of Captain America and Iron Man, and have set the stage for phase 3 in the Marvel Universe.

With that being said, let’s bask in the glory that is Captain America: Civil War full trailer.


I enjoyed The Age Of Ultron, but the story was merely a vehicle for the comic book style production and mindless action sequences. Entertaining movie yes, but near impossible to get emotionally invested in. With the Captain America: Civil War trailers, Marvel succeeds in differentiating the franchises by following a darker and more mature narrative. This is evident in the pieces of dialogue and the color and textures that are used by the Russo brothers in the 2 minutes debut of Civil War.

The only thing that makes me less than super-enthused about the trailers, as there weren’t any major reveals. Yes. we get a glimpse of the Black Panther, but the rest of the trailer was a rehash of everything we already know about the Cap and Iron Man feud. Marvel would have been better served to give a 1 second glimpse of Spider Man to throw everyone in a frenzy, but i anticipate that they are saving that for their second or third official trailer.

While there may not be an “OMG” moment in the Captain America Civil War trailers, it looks to have the makings of a strong follow-up to Marvel’s best film to date: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and that’s enough to get me into the theatre come May.


The Good

  • Beautifully shot
  • Not another Avengers movie
  • Mature tones


The Bad

  • Where the F**K is Spiderman? – No major reveals











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