Product Review: Alter.

Product Review: Alter. Alter is a new horror streaming platform, featuring short films and series from new and award winning creators. Much like its sister station, Dust, Alter is a short-film focused curator taking advantage of YouTube's hosting capabilities.  The service is new but growing … Continue reading

Product Review: Sinemia

Product Review: Sinemia We take a look at another subscription service for going to the movies. Sinemia has some merits, but has all of the downsides of 2017-era MoviePass with very little of its upsides. I've briefly commented (in a suitably passive-aggressive manner) on falling out of love with … Continue reading

Product Review: Aeon.

Product Review: Aeon. Non-profit scholarly site Aeon offers a wealth of documentary and educational films to feed your mind. I've become quite the fan of Aeon over the last year.  The brainchild of UK residents Brigid and Paul Hains, Aeon draws articles and essays from top thinkers on a wide … Continue reading

Product Review: Roku

Product Review: Roku The Roku streaming device is a serviceable way to watch all your favorite streaming services for very little upfront cost. It has a few ups and downs to be aware of, however. I've rarely had the need to consider 3rd party streaming facilitators, such as the Amazon Fire Stick … Continue reading