Movie Review: Race 3.

Movie Review: Race 3. Race 3 takes all of Bollywood's excesses and crams them into one overblown feature film. Bollywood films are an acquired taste.  The over-the-top spectacle, the pervasive musical numbers, the scenery-chewing personalities and the schizophrenic mixing of genres isn't for … Continue reading

VOD Review: Coherence

VOD Review: Coherence I watched the Science Fiction thriller Coherence as a casual observer. Did the film collapse under my observation, or did it remain in the position of being super? I am a science fiction snob. I've mentioned it in previous reviews, but I bristle when a film purports to be … Continue reading

Retro Review: Yentl

Retro Review: Yentl Yentl is a fairly entertaining musical about some fairly problematic topics. Barbra Streisand's 15 year passion project manages to sing and act its way around them fairly well. Fairly. In Deadpool 2, one of the recurring jokes is how Frozen stole the melody for one of its … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Incredibles 2

Movie Review: The Incredibles 2 The Incredibles 2 is a predictable, cookie-cutter story that fails to live up to the Incredible namesake. While technically impressive, everything else about the movie is a step backwards. Pixar seems a little lost in the woods these days. The body of work coming … Continue reading