Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok Thor: Ragnarok is a what happens when a director understands both the source material and the people involved in bringing that to life. Vibrant, fun, and well paced, you'll want front row seats to this end of the world. I watched Thor: Ragnarok on opening night. Two … Continue reading

Movie Review: LBJ.

Movie Review: LBJ. Director Rob Reiner's excellent biopic is limited in scope but powerful in its presentation. Last week's trailer round up lit a fire under me for LBJ.  As I said there, I anticipated a stately and effective film that I could wait to see until it made it to rental, but was … Continue reading

VOD Review: Kuso.

VOD Review: Kuso. It's not an accident that independent horror film Kuso means crap/filth in Japanese. Several months ago I saw the trailer for Kuso and wanted to check it out.  Kuso is an indie flick directed by musician Flying Lotus that made the rounds at the usual festivals before winding up … Continue reading