Coming Soon Trailer: The Grudge.

Coming Soon Trailer: The Grudge.

The new year gets off to a quiet start with just one new movie in wide release.

Well, then. 2020 gets off to an extremely slow start. We get just one new wide release to begin the year…and it’s a remake of a remake of The Grudge. Somehow, I don’t think Sony dropping this film alone into an empty weekend is a coincidence. Thanks, Hollywood, I guess I’ll go shovel the driveway again.

The home market is a ghost town. All of the new streaming arrivals don’t begin till the seventh, leaving us with a grand total of zero new streaming arrivals. I guess we’ll have plenty of time to rewatch that Danny Trejo film that came out on new years eve.

Danny Trejo, truly the holiday gift that keeps giving.

Wide Release.

The Grudge.

A detective investigates a strange case where a normal woman brutally murdered her family in their new home. As she spends time in the house, she discovers a vengeful spirit inhabits it, twisting the lives of those who dare to enter.

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