Coming Soon Trailers: 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Brothers Grimsby, Hyena Road

Don't blink.

Coming Soon Trailers

Another week containing one of my must see movies of the year.  Can it manage to charm like Deadpool, or will it end up lost in the wilderness like The Witch?  Only time will tell.

Wide Releases

10 Cloverfield Lane

After a near fatal car accident, a young woman awakens inside a doomsday prepper’s fortified bunker.  The man (John Goodman) is pretending everything is just fine, but his captive audience learns that he will do nearly anything to keep them from leaving the vault.


When to See It:  Theaters.  The original Cloverfield was a surprise gem, and this one has John Goodman being wonderfully creepy.  All systems go here.

The Brothers Grimsby

A low class loser finds out that his long lost younger brother is in town…trying to save the world as an MI6 secret agent.  When the perennially no good older bro (Sacha Baron Cohen) accidentally stages an impromptu reunion during his brother’s mission, they both become targets of an organization attempting to rule the world.


When to See It:  Rent it, if you’re a fan of Cohen.  If not, this one is a solid pass.

The Young Messiah

A Christian drama based upon the largely apocryphal accounts of the life of Young Jesus.


When to See It:  Never.  Maybe if this movie was starring Yahoo Serious, and was trying to go the comedic route of Young Einstein, I could give it a pass.  Yet another faith-bait drama starring a very white Jesus.

The Perfect Match

A confirmed bachelor and notorious player takes a dare to enter into his first long term relationship.  If he can make it through till his sister’s wedding without developing attachments, his friends and family promise to stop trying to reform him.  As you would guess, his first attempt at settled romance ends up being more than a match for his straying ways.


When to See It:  Netflix, if only to the get the taste of Bad Johnson out of your mouth.  (And that, creators of Bad Johnson, is how you make a dick joke.)

Video on Demand

You’re Killing Me

A young and successful gay man seems to find his perfect match…in a handsome introvert who constantly jokes about being a serial killer.  It turns out the joke may be on both of them when the killer actually falls in love and starts trying to bump off his romantic interest’s friends and family.


See It?:  Maybe.  Seems like a niche market, but the acting seems solid and the premise is one part Dexter and one part Weekend, welded together with plenty of dark comedy.

Excess Flesh

Jill is new to the city, and finds herself in a desperate struggle against bullimia when constantly confronted by the “perfect” body of her new roommate, who is a model.  As the struggle turns from envy into psychosis, Jill makes plans to teach her roomie the horrors of body dyspmorphia, personally.


See It?:  No.  Solid premise with terrible execution and atrocious acting.  The actress who plays Jill doesn’t seem to get that it takes more to convey mental disorders than just tilting her head and trying to stare at people through her eyebrows.  The roomate Jennifer is likewise one dimensional and unlikable.

Hyena Road

In Afghanistan, a team of soldiers learn first hand that everyone is a potential enemy, and that their “allies” in the Afghan government (and their FBI handlers) are not necessarily above playing bloody politics with the people they are supposedly protecting.


See It?:  Netflix.  Intriguing, but once again marred by some questionable acting and dialogue.  Catch it on the cheap.



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