Coming Soon Trailers: 1917, Underwater.

Coming Soon Trailers: 1917, Underwater.

Two new releases and two national expansions duke it out at the box office this weekend.

After a slow first weekend, we’re in full swing. We have two Oscar potentials going nationwide up against two newcomers in theaters. At home, we get eleven new streaming options, including a pair of exclusives from Shudder.

Product Review: Shudder.
Shudder really has been ramping up their original game.

Wide Release.

Like a Boss.

Two friends running their own, small cosmetics company get a buy-out offer from one of the biggest names in the business. While it may solve their money problems, not being their own bosses may be a price too high.


A team working on the floor of the ocean suffer a seismic event. In addition to knocking out much of their equipment, the tremor seems to have also unleashed something dangerous at the bottom of the sea.

National Expansion.


Two young soldiers are tasked with carrying an important message to the front. If they fail, their troops will walk into a bloody trap.

Just Mercy.

A new graduate from Harvard Law School (Michael B. Jordan) dedicates his career to defending the poor and forgotten. He becomes caught up in a case of a man wrongfully accused of murder (Jamie Foxx) which lays bare ugly social and racial tensions in the south.

Video on Demand.

Inner Ghosts.

A former clairvoyant turned brain researcher tries to determine if our memories outlast our mortal bodies. Her research draws the attention of entities with sinister intentions.

Sequence Break (Shudder.)

A video arcade repairman becomes caught up in a mysterious new arcade machine that threatens to destroy his grip on reality.

Dark Encounter.

On the anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance, strange lights in the sky begin to haunt a stricken family.


A young painter and a small art gallery director begin a whirlwind romance.

The Marshes (Shudder.)

A conservationist trying to save endangered marshlands comes face to face with a mysterious, evil force.

The Sonata.

A young musician inherits a mansion from her estranged father (Rutger Hauer) and discovers the mystery of his final musical masterpiece.

Reality Queen!

A faux-documentary following a young socialite who is desperate to recapture the tabloid limelight after being pushed to the back pages by a family of calculatingly dysfunctional sister.

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

A speculative drama positing that another famous serial killer may have been involved in the infamous slaying of Nicole Brown Simpson (Mena Suvari).

Three Christs.

An unconventional doctor (Richard Gere) tries to treat three men (including Peter Dinklage) who all think they are Jesus Christ.

Inherit the Viper.

Two brothers reluctantly turn to dealing opiods to keep their family afloat. When drug dealing turns deadly, one brother wants out, but getting out could be just as deadly as staying in.

The Corrupted.

A former boxer and ex-con just wants to go home when he’s paroled. Unfortunately, his little brother is caught up in a web of violence and crime that threatens to put the boxer back on the wrong side of the law.

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