Coming Soon Trailers: A Quiet Place, Blockers, Chappaquiddick.

Coming Soon Trailers: A Quiet Place, Blockers, Chappaquiddick.

Our most highly anticipated horror film of the year is out this week, A Quiet Place, as well as another Nicolas Cage film on VOD!

Coming Soon Trailers: A Quiet Place, Blockers, Chappaquiddick.
Subtle. Real subtle. At least I can probably rope Nate into watching yet another John Cena movie.

John Krasinski’s new horror movie, A Quiet Place, wants you to stay silent.  John Cena’s new comedy, Blockers, wants you to stay a virgin.  And overwrought drama Chappaquiddick wants you to pretend that the Kennedy’s are still culturally relevant.  That’s one tall order for April!  In addition, our last wide release is a sport bio about a high school volleyball team dealing with the loss of their star player.

On the streaming front, we have eight new offerings.  Amidst the usual number of horror films, documentaries and indie dramas we have a couple rough diamonds:  Nicolas Cage stars in a dystopian science fiction flick in The Humanity Bureau, and Minnie Driver, Guy Pearce and Peirce Brosnan team up for a whodunit thriller called Spinning Man.

Wide Release.

A Quiet Place.

One family living in the remains of a great disaster must live a life of total silence, because if the creatures that stalk the land can hear you, they can catch you.


When their teenage daughters make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night, three sets of anxious parents try to concoct their own scheme to stop them.


On July 18, 1969 Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick, resulting in the death of his passenger.  The mystery surrounding the incident and the powerful Kennedy family is speculated about in this dramatic recreation.

The Miracle Season.

After the tragic death of their star player, a team of high school volleyball players must double down to honor their fallen friend with a state championship.

Limited Release.


A documentary about scientists trying to breed Pandas in China.

Video on Demand.

Outside In.

After being unjustly incarerated as a youth, a 38 year old man is finally released due to the unfailing advocacy of his former high school teacher.  Throughout his ordeal, he’s formed a romantic affection for his advocate, but her failing marriage prevents her from reciprocating.  Things become complicated when the teacher’s young daughter forms a friendship with the ex-con.


A documentary about the driving personality behind the MMA merchandise franchise TapouT, an eccentric young man who started the brand while being essentially homeless.  After his tragic death in a car accident, he became the only non-fighter to be inducted into the UFC’s hall of fame.

Killing Joan.

After the crime bosses that pay her double cross Joan, she is resurrected as an avenging spirit set on killing the men who betrayed her.

Within the Darkness.

A group of teens looking to find fame and fortune by becoming paranormal ghost hunters bite off more than they can chew when their latest location is goddamned haunted.  Who could have guessed?

4/20 Massacre.

Five young women head out to the woods to celebrate their friend’s birthday on 4/20, but when they stumble upon an illegal grow operation they are in for the least chill weekend of their lives.

Spinning Man.

A popular professor (Guy Pearce) is implicated in the disappearance of one of his students.  His reputed popularity with students leads both the local detective (Pierce Brosnan) and his wife (Minnie Driver) to be suspicious of his claims of innocence.

The Humanity Bureau.

Facing growing resource depletion due to climate change, a government agency called The Humanity Bureau sets up a system to collect and deport dissidents and other undesirables to a colony known as New Eden.  A case worker (Nicolas Cage) draws the ire of the government when he advocates for a young woman and her child, both of whom have been targeted for exile.


An angry Mexican wrestler, a newly minted ex-con, and a recovering junkie are thrown into conflict when they are recruited for an organ harvesting scheme by a crime boss who likes to create misery and chaos.

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