Coming Soon Trailers: Abominable.

Coming Soon Trailers: Abominable.

Coming Soon Trailers: Abominable.

We’re up to our eyeballs in animated Yeti lately as Abominable hits theaters as the only wide release.

It seems that cartoon Sasquatch and abominable snowmen are all the rage these days.  Dreamworks is the latest animation studio to field a cryptozoological film, joining WB’s Smallfoot and Laika’s Missing Link.  Smallfoot received a warm reception.  Missing Link…not so much.  We’ll see how Abominable stacks up.  It has the advantage of releasing all by its lonesome this weekend, and to be the only new animated movie in theaters since mid August.

When do we get an adorable chupacabra movie?

On the home-front, we finish up September with nine new offerings.  Netflix has a new supernatural police procedural, while a few of the film festival aspirants find their way to VOD.  And for once, we get a week without a creepy clown movie!

Wide Release.


A young girl discovers a lost Yeti living on the roof of her apartment building.  Chafing under her own sense of alienation from her family, she becomes determined to reunite the juvenile cryptid with its family on Mt. Everest.  Along with two friends, they embark on the journey, trying to stay ahead of a wealthy collector looking to capture the Yeti.

Video on Demand.

An Audience of Chairs.

An aspiring concert pianist, Maura finds herself pulled to the breaking point by her career, her family, and her inner demons.  When her marriage falls apart, she turns to her again father to help her put the pieces back together.


Marcus retreats his old family home after his self-destructive tendencies get the best of him.  Despite looking for solitude, he instead is tasked with looking after his brother’s children.  The darkness in him grows, and he fears that instead of protecting the children, he may be their biggest source of danger.

The Black String.

Johnathan (Frankie Muniz) labors in obscurity as an overnight convenience store clerk.  He meets a mysterious woman, and suffers a mysterious illness and nightmares afterwards.  Is he the target of sinister evil, or a desperate man on the edge of the abyss?

The Field.

A couple trying to save a troubled marriage buy a dilapidated farm in rural Wisconsin, using the renovation as a tool to get closer.  Things go poorly when they discover an assortment of oddities, and the husband begins to see disturbing images in the photographs he takes on the property.

Empathy Inc.

A busted venture capitalist at the end of his rope is approached by an old friend to invest in a new Virtual Reality project…one that delivers hyper realistic simulations by putting you inside another persons mind.

Drive Me Home.

Antonio and Agostino were two friends with dreams of leaving their small home town.  Years later after escaping but losing touch, they reconnect when Antonio returns home to oversea the auction of his old family home.


Dezzy struggles to create art after making a splash with edgy and grim paintings.  She decides to go on a drug and booze fueled bender to get the juices flowing.  She winds up able to paint again, but also plague by a compulsion for violence and blood.

The Day Shall Come.

A small time Miami street preacher is approached by an undercover agent (Anna Kendrick) who hopes to catch him in a sting by offering to fund his anti-government schemes.  The preacher (Marchant Davis) is too clever for her ploy, and things spiral out of control as the agent gets desperate to pin something on him.

In the Shadow of the Moon (Netflix).

A police officer hoping to make detective (Boyd Holbrook) tracks a serial killer, only to inadvertently hill the suspect in the chase. Nine years later, the killings begin again.  As the clues point to supernatural element to the murders, the officer -and those around him – begin to question his own sanity.


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