Coming Soon Trailers: Ad Astra, Rambo Last Blood.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ad Astra, Rambo Last Blood.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ad Astra, Rambo Last Blood.

Brad Pitt aims for the stars and Sly concludes the story of John Rambo in theaters this weekend.

The box office should be jumping this weekend.  You have one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors in what is increasingly becoming one of Hollywood’s most bankable genres with Ad Astra.  You have Stallone dusting off his red bandana to conclude the Rambo franchise…which honestly I thought he did a decade ago, but what do I know?  And for those not looking for explosions or moonshots, we’ve got Downton Abbey heading to the big screen.  I’m honestly intrigued to see how well this flick does.  I mean, it’s already made 12 million dollars abroad.  I just don’t know how much of the craze for this series is left.  It could go big, or it could implode, and I don’t have a clue either way.

Meanwhile, the VOD market is packed to bursting as well.  There’s a dark comedy featuring Demi Moore and Ed Helms.  There is a horror-thriller with Sean William Scott.  And there is another creepy clown movie, late to the party.  Seriously guys, nobody’s buying your discount Pennywise impersonations.  Knock it off.

Oh, and Nicolas Cage is in another straight to VOD movie.  Shocking.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ad Astra, Rambo Last Blood.
You’re better than this, Larry.

Wide Release.

Ad Astra.

Humanity has established ventures across the solar system in a mad scrabble that frequently turns lawless and violent.  One astronaut (Brad Pitt) must journey to the very edge of the solar sytem to find his father (Tommy Lee Jones) a researcher whose work may threaten humanity itself.

Downton Abbey.

The Crawley family and their servants rush to prepare the estate for a visit from King George and Queen Mary.  Amidst all of the furor and drama of the royal visit, a mysterious stranger arrives with ill intent towards the monarch.

Rambo:  Last Blood.

John Rambo thought he’d left the war behind for good, but he is forced to fight once more when a drug cartel kidnaps a close friend’s daughter.

Video on Demand.

Golden Boy.

A man struggling with his identity is drawn into a seductive and dangerous world by a charismatic, wealthy bachelor.

Dead Water.

A veteran struggling with ghosts from his past goes for a weekend getaway with his wife and best friend on a yacht.  When pirates endanger his loved ones, he has to grapple with shedding blood once again.

Toss It.

A guy in a rut and a skeptical woman hit it off as the last two single people at a wedding.  This meet-cute quickly goes sideways as there are lots of good reasons why these two are still single.

The Baylock Residence.

A woman inherits her family’s estate, and learns it is haunted by ghosts metaphorical and physical.

Candy Corn.

A Halloween hazing ritual goes wrong, resulting in the death of a bullied young man.  His tormentors soon taste their own medicine when he returns from the grave.

Hell House LLC III:  Lake of Fire (Shudder).

A year after the horrific events at the Abbadon Hotel get it condemned, a wealthy investor steps in to save it.  He uses the cursed house as the location for his hit interactive show, Insomnia, but the guests discover there is more than just paranormal shenanigans afoot.


A man with a tendency to violence (Seann William Scott) ruthlessly takes out anyone he sees as a threat to his wife and new child.  When she begins to suspect a rash of disappearances and murders are his doing, he decides she may be a threat to the family as well.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie (Netflix).

Zach Galifianakis and crew take their odd interview series on the road, hoping to garner respect with a string of high-profile guests.

Corporate Animals.

A deluded CEO (Demi Moore) takes her unwilling employees on a dangerous trust building trip – spelunking with an inept guide (Ed Helms).  Things quickly go dangerously wrong.

Running with the Devil.

When a shipment of cocaine goes missing, the head of the cartel sends two dangerous men (Laurence Fishburne, Nicolas Cage) to get answers and intimidate the workers back into line, before the FBI can catch on to what is happening.


Felix suffers depression after being forced to retire early.  His wife is still making strides in her career and his daughter is preoccupied with her boyfriend.  To mollify him, he gets a prototype smart glasses with a personal assistant AI, Auggie.  As he forms an attachment with his digital companion, he begins to slip further away from his family and the real world.

Trauma is a Time Machine.

Helen attempts to run from her past of abuse and trauma, only to wind up in a relationship with another abuser who rapes her.  Her pain laid bare, she attempts to finally face her past by any means necessary.

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