Coming Soon Trailers: Addams Family, Gemini Man, Jexi.

Will Smith faces off against himself and two other wide release films this weekend.

Hmm. I thought when we reviewed After Earth that we’d hit peak Will Smith vanity project. I stand corrected. This weekend we’ll see an older Will Smith face off against a CGI younger Will Smith. I’m just waiting for the scene where they kiss each other.

At least Shatner was big enough to acknowledge his self involvement.

Against latter day big Willie, we’ve got Jexi, a tech parable where a gadget enthusiast breaks his habit thanks to an AI app that in turn gets too attached to him. So Her, in reverse. We also have a star-studded animated adaptation of The Addams Family. It’s a great cast…but no Raul Julia or Anjelica Huston, no deal.

How about instead of cloning Will Smith, we clone Raul Julia and get us the third Addams Family movie we deserve!

In the streaming category, we get nine new releases. Liam Gallagher gets his say in a documentary, and Crispin Glover continues his modern day comeback with a stylish crime flick from the co-writer of Pulp Fiction. And finally no creepy clowns. Just a serial killer in a bunny mask. I can deal with that.

Wide Release.

The Addams Family.

The Addams Family are preparing to welcome their extended family to their eerie mansion, but a local real estate developer is eager to displace them and snap up their property. With the voices of Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz and Finn Wolfhard.

Gemini Man.

Henry (Smith) is an elite assassin, suddenly targeted by a new operative who seems to known his every trick. That would be because the new operative is Henry himself…or at least a clone of Henry in his prime.


Phil (Adam Devine) is addicted to his smartphone. His slide into oblivion is halted when he gets a new phone with an experimental app – Jexi, a digital personal assistant who helps Phil get his life back on track. Back on track means less phone time, which the budding AI comes to resent.

Video on Demand.


Molly struggles with normalcy. First, she’s a mortician. Second, she hasn’t left her house since her husband died on her birthday, three years ago. Her daughter and mother conspire to send her on a birthday trip to Moscow to get her out of her funk. The only catch is her traveling companion: a blow up doll named Pedro.

Liam Gallagher: As It Was.

A documentary about the rise, fall, and relaunch of musician Liam Gallagher, half of the sibling megastars at the center of 90’s phenom Oasis.

Art of Deception

Scientist Joseph Markam discovers a plot by the CIA to dominate the world via mind control. If he speaks out, the ruthless organization will murder his wife, who they have kidnapped. Markam must run from assassins, rescue his wife, and take down an organization with tentacles all around the world.


Three frenemies try to patch up their relationship by taking a yacht trip out to sea. Unfortunately, as tempers flair and fuel runs out, the vacation becomes a darkly comedic struggle for survival.


A film student obsessed with the French New Wave and his best friend both fall for an enchanting actress named Catherine. As they draw closer to her, they discover her identity shifting like a mirage, leaving them all in a dangerous triangle of sex and betrayal.

Lucky Day

Red (Luke Bracey) is a safe-cracker released from prison after a long stint. Despite trying to go straight and reconnect with his family, he finds himself on a collision course with an assassin (Crispin Glover, American Gods) who blames Red for the death of his brother.

Along Came the Devil 2

Jordan returns home after she gets a voicemail from her estranged father. There, she discovers the town in the grips of a demonic entity, which only a local holy man can explain.

Beloved Beast

Nina lost her parents at 12 years of age and was forced to live with her erratic and drug soaked aunt. She regularly retreats to the woods near her home, where she meets a stranger in an odd costume. She takes the man home, unaware that he’s recently escaped from an insane asylum.


A blue captain collar (Gary Oldman) down on his luck gambles his fortunes on an abandonned boat up for auction. When he takes his family out on the vessel for her maiden voyage, things quickly go awry.

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