Coming Soon Trailers: Adrift, Action Point, Upgrade.

Coming Soon Trailers: Adrift, Action Point, Upgrade.

Coming Soon Trailers: Adrift, Action Point, Upgrade.

Three new wide release films hope to shake up Disney’s hold on the box office this weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: Adrift, Action Point, Upgrade.
Good luck, dude.

After the shaky first week for Solo: A Star Wars Story, there’s room for new arrivals to make some noise.  This week we get a gonzo action flick in Upgrade, a romantic survival-at-sea drama, and slapstick/self abuse comedy from Johnny Knoxville.  These may not have the firepower to down Star Wars from the top spot, but the field is much more open with Disney having an uncharacteristic down day.

On the home market, we’ve got a historical Gothic drama about the creator of Frankenstein, a revenge story, a cold war drama and a crowdfunded comedy flick from Penn Jillette…about a disgruntled crowdfunded movie director who hijacks his own project and cast.

Wide Release.


Based on a true story, a young couple, Tami and Richard, are caught in a catastrophic hurricane which disables their boat and leaves the young man (Sam Claflin) heavily injured.  Tami (Shailene Woodley) must navigate the long journey to Hawaii with no instruments while keeping Richard alive.

Action Point.

An eccentric man (Johnny Knoxville) who runs a dangerous and dilapidated amusement park must clean up his act when both his estranged daughter and a rival, corporate run amusement park franchise comes to town.


An average man is left paralyzed in the same attack which claims his wife’s life.  A mysterious man offers him the chance to receive a neurological implant that will allow him to walk again.  The implant does more than that, giving him superhuman strength and reaction time, giving him a means to get revenge on those who destroyed his family.

Video on Demand.

Last Witness.

A journalist uncovers the truth about the mass killing of 22,000 Polish officers during World War 2, and must confront the iron curtain of silence surrounding the incident in the newly established Cold War.

Director’s Cut.

A director trusts a crowdfunding campaign in a last desperate attempt to get his passion project made.  When the creative process gets out of his control, he’s forced to steal the script – and the cast – in order to make the film they way he envisioned it.

On the Map.

A documentary about the 1977 Israeli basketball team that won an upset victory over Russia in the European Cup, helping to establish Israel on the international sporting scene.


A man haunted by a childhood of abuse returns to his hometown to discover his tormentor is still around.  He sets about crafting a fitting revenge.

Mary Shelley.

A historical drama about the life of author Mary Shelley, focusing on her scandalous relationship with poet and author Percy Bysshe Shelley, and the weekend that led to her penning the masterpiece Frankenstein.



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