Coming Soon Trailers: Alita – Battle Angel, Happy Death Day 2U.

Coming Soon Trailers: Alita - Battle Angel
Gimme gimme gimme...

Coming Soon Trailers: Alita – Battle Angel, Happy Death Day 2U.

Trailers are here a day early in anticipation of Battle Angel releasing early on Wednesday.

Oh boy, oh boy.  It’s finally here!  A decade after acquiring the film rights to make it, and three months after it was delayed, Alita – Battle Angel is finally here.  We’ve been anticipating this film for a long time.  A really long time.  If you want to get the skinny on it, we’ll be braving a snow storm tomorrow to see it in 3D.  Can’t wait!

Coming Soon Trailers: Alita - Battle Angel
Gimme gimme gimme…

I guess a couple of other movies are hitting wide release this weekend as well.  Rebel Wilson stars in a comedy where she wakes up inside a romantic comedy movie.  Sounds suspiciously like the plot to John Candy’s Delirious…but I guess we’ll have to wait to see.  The sequel to the surprisingly good Happy Death Day arrives this week as well.  Hmm.  That movie sounded suspiciously like the plot to Bill Murray’s Groundhog’s Day.  Perhaps that bodes well for this weekend of “kinda sorta homages.”

Wide Release.

Alita – Battle Angel.

A brilliant cybernetics doctor finds a partially destroyed young cyborg in the scrap heaps of the dystopian, mechanized city he calls home.  Named Alita, the young woman cannot remember her past, except that she instinctively knows one of the deadliest martial arts known to man.  Following her burning desire for self discovery and justice, she sets out into the dangerous city to uncover her identity.

Happy Death Day 2U.

Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) thought she had escaped the time loop that saw her dying over and over again.  Several months later, she notice that her reality has been subtly altered, and the masked killer who tormented her is back.  This time, she’s not alone as her closest friends are also stuck in the loop.  They must work together to discover the cause and make it out alive.

Isn’t It Romantic?

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) wants to be noticed by her peers as an architect in NYC, but winds up mostly running errands.  Her life is changed when she is knocked out during a mugging, only to wake up inside a fictional movie.  What’s worse, the chronically romance averse Natalie quickly learns she is in a Romantic Comedy…and is the main character!

Video on Demand.

Under the Eiffel Tower.

Stuart’s mid-life crisis leads him to tag along with his best friend for a family vacation to Paris…and to disastrously propose to his daughter.  On the outs, he tours the French countryside with a self-described ladies’ man before meeting the alluring owner of a rustic vineyard.

Broken Ghost.

A young woman looking to reinvent herself moves to Montana from the big city.  As she and her family try to forget the ghosts of their past, they realize that their new home has its own ghosts to worry about.

Mega Time Squad.

When a petty criminal steals an ancient Chinese time-travel device, things quickly get out of hand.


Sarah barely holds her own as a young single woman living in the city.  Things get worse when her Grandmother leaves her a spoiled pug named Patrick.  In the course of wrecking her home, the little pug inadvertently starts helping her get her act together.


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