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Coming Soon Trailers!

Not sure what to watch this weekend? Well here at Deluxe Video we sift through all the trailers of the upcoming movies and tell you what to watch and what to avoid. Because we care about your time, loyal reader…and perhaps because nothing is as much fun as righteous anger when a trailer fails to deliver the goods!



aloha posterA celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest triumphs and re-connects with a long-lost love, while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog assigned to him.

I’m typically not a huge fan of romantic comedies, however one look at this all star cast and Aloha has my attention.  Featuring: Alec Baldwin, Bradley Cooper, Danny McBride, Emma StoneJohn Krasinski, Rachel McAdams and the legendary Bill Murray.

This film is loaded!

The trailer starts off oddly enough (I was checking my sound settings) and delivers a few solid laughs but fails to make it a must see on its own merits. They may have been better served to run the credits of the cast repeatedly with Cameron Crow repeating in the background that he made Jerry MaGuire and Almost Famous.

Crowe is very capable, and the cast certainly has enough talent to make this a very good film, but Crowe didn’t show me enough of the money here.

When to see it:  Date night.


San Andreas

San_Andreas_posterNow here is the annual summer disaster blockbuster that we all expected. I  love Dwayne Johnson, despite his shitty selection of films to star in (G.I Joe for starters), and this film also has the always excellent Paul Giamatti to boot.

I hope this film doesn’t follow in the footsteps of similar summer disaster duds like Volcano or Twister, as natural disaster movies do not have a strong track record. From the few trailers I have seen it can really go either way.

I have high hopes for San Andreas… but it looks to be the usual summer disaster fare, so i will be holding onto my cash until i see some reviews.

When to see it: Imax if the reviews are positive, otherwise wait for VOD.


Another Rom-Com, although this time in a limited release, is Results, starring Guy Pearce.  The film is about personal trainers and their love lives, which sounds a little flabby to me. Pearce’s film’s have been a mixed bag, but I did enjoy The Rover, and this trailer has enough clever dialogue to get me interested.

When to see it:  VOD or your local indie theatre.



Normally i do just three clips in this article, but this trailer is just so horseshit that I had to include it this week. Words fail me when viewing this.  What say you, loyal reader?

When to see it: If your choices are being flayed alive, or Warx2…choose carefully!


*Editor’s note:  Holy hell in a hand-basket, is this trailer awful!  This is the silliest, flimsiest, nuttiest premise for a “documentary” I have ever had the personal pleasure to experience, and I would like to thank Erik for putting on a tin-foil hat and going undercover to dig this puppy up.  Aimed at the unique intersection of 9/11 truthers, religious cranks, and lead-paint-chip lovers, WarX2 is bonkers…unless it’s all TRUE, at which point you’re all on your own in terms of movie reviews, because Erik and I will be on the run for our lives from demon ghost warriors who want to recruit us to the Taliban.*

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