Coming Soon Trailers: American Assassin, Mother!

Coming Soon Trailers: American Assassin, Mother!

Coming Soon Trailers: American Assassin, Mother!

Two new wide releases and four VOD films try to tear viewers away from IT.

Coming Soon Trailers: American Assassin, Mother!
That might not be enough, considering the competition.

Despite two new films coming to cinemas this week featuring big stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Keaton, the name everyone will be talking about is Pennywise.  Seeing as IT dominated the competition last week, it is going to be a long uphill climb for the newcomers.  Both features out this week are R rated, one being an action heavy thriller and the other being a surreal horror/drama.  IT proved there is an audience for adult oriented films with a stiff rating, but marching two R rated movies into the arena seems like suicide.  Seems like a good week for a quirky animated comedy instead.

At the home market, we’ve got another clown themed horror movie shamelessly looking for sloppy seconds.  Luckily that dreck is balanced out by a smart murder mystery…and Danny Trejo shooting everything he sees.  Guess it’s going to be that kind of week.

Wide Release.

American Assassin.

A man haunted by personal tragedy is recruited by the CIA to become a lethal killing machine, targeting the same type of international terrorists who destroyed his life.

See It?:  Rent it.

I like Michael Keaton, but not enough to run out and see this generic feeling action flick.  Given the baby-faced cast, it feels like Keaton is chaperoning prom night instead of leading a team of expert killers.  This flick feels a lot like the attempted Tom Clancy franchise reboot with Chris Pine, Shadow Recruit, and I think it is going to be the same amount of attention: very little.


A young woman is trying to find fulfillment while living in an isolated country home with her husband when an older couple come to live with them.  Soon other events and visitors begin to disrupt their lives, chipping away at the young wife’s sanity.

See It?:  Catch a Matinee.

Director Darren Aronofsky’s brilliance can be a double edged sword.  He makes supremely stylish and psychologically challenging films and has an auteur’s eye behind the camera, but he can be indulgent and baroque which leads to films that are nearly impenetrable.  For every The Wrestler and Black Swan, you get a flummoxing Pi.  I was excited for this film when I knew less about it.  I think the trailer actually says too much, despite Aronofsky films being habitually opaque.  It’s sad, since I was excited, but now I think this may be a film to see on the cheap just to appreciate his skill with a camera as opposed to a film worth seeing in its own right.

Video on Demand.


A demon who appears as a clown hunts his victims by leaving them a red balloon with the time and date of their death written on it.

See It?:  Burn it with fire.

Give this shameless cash-in on the IT mania a wide berth.  The acting is poor, the costume for the clown is laughable in ways that I’m sure were not intended, and the tropes in this mockbuster are transparently meant to ride the coattails of the superior theatrical film.  Save your money and go see IT again.

The Confessions.

At the G8 summit, the head of the International Monetary Fund invites a monk to hear his confession.  The next morning, the global big-wig is dead.  The rest of the movers and shakers at the summit begin to worry that the deceased may have divulged secret plans before his passing.  The reticent padre finds himself at the center of a mystery involving murder and money that could shake the foundations of many Western economies.

See It?: Yes.

This Italian-French thriller looks like a murder mystery gem.  While the stakes are high, the movements are subtle and deft.  It feels reminiscent of the best of Agatha Christie with a layered subtext of suspicion towards the maneuverings of economic titans.  I like the tone and I like the performances, and I’m looking forward to this film.

Dead Again in Tombstone.

A spirit of vengeance empowered by the devil to hunt the scum of the old west is himself hunted by an army regiment who want to steal a book that will grant them the same supernatural powers as the devil’s outlaw.

See It?:  Redbox it.

I never saw the first film in the series, Dead in Tombstone, so I can’t say how good the pedigree is.  Danny Trejo usually turns out fun but schlocky straight to DVD fare, and this looks to be the same.  For a dollar, I’d be willing to give this film a roll since the action looks to be decent and over-the-top.

Cupid’s Proxy.

A young boy tries to fix the broken love lives of those around him by penning an online advice column under the moniker Cupid’s Proxy.

See It?: No.

This is Hallmark Channel fluff, through and through.  The children are smarmy and mealy mouthed, the adult leads are vapid and clueless, and the premise has been done before.  Even if you were looking for something cute and quaint for a family night, you have many better options out there.

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