Coming Soon Trailers: Angry Birds 2, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, Good Boys.

Coming Soon Trailers: Angry Birds 2, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, Good Boys.

Coming Soon Trailers: Angry Birds 2, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, Good Boys.

Hollywood loads up another weekend with five new wide release films.

If last week’s offerings didn’t float your boat, no worries.  There’s another five films looking to tempt you into theaters as the summer season winds down.  Much like last weekend, variety is the spice of life.  We’ve got Jacob Tremblay in an R-rated coming of age comedy, a sharky creature feature, and another animated film based on a cell phone game.  You remember when Angry Birds was a hot commodity, right?

On the home front, we’re up to our eyeballs in movies as well.  Ten flicks vie for your attention.  We’ve got a Mummy movie.  We’ve got a documentary about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  And we’ve got Velocipastor, the story of a clergyman who can transform into a dinosaur to fight ninjas.  If that doesn’t convince you that we’re living in the golden age of human history, I don’t know what else I can do for you.

Coming Soon Trailers: Angry Birds 2, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, Good Boys.
Truly the best of all possible worlds…

Wide Release.

Angry Birds 2 [on Tuesday]

The pigs and the birds have to put aside their animosity and unite when faced with a common enemy.

47 Meters Down:  Uncaged.

Four teens exploring an underwater city hidden in a series of caves discover a territorial shark intent on making a meal of them.

Blinded by the Light.

A British teen of Pakistani descent feels unable to express himself in the political upheaval of 1980’s London.  When he discovers a kindred soul in the music of Bruce Springsteen, he’s inspired to share his own experiences with the world.

Good Boys.

Three pre-teen boys try to get ready for their first “kissing party” in all the wrong ways.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

When a woman with a supposedly picture-perfect life (Cate Blanchett) suddenly goes missing on a journey of self discovery, her family sets out to bring her home.

Video on Demand.

The Mummy Rebirth.

Two treasure hunters awaken an ancient evil that wants to destroy humanity.


An increasingly desperate young English teacher will go to any length to protect his students.


A recently blinded young woman has her convalescence turned into a nightmare by intruders.

Charles Manson:  Music from an Unsound Mind.

A documentary about the unrealized musical aspirations of the cult leader Charles Manson, who at one point had contact with some of the leading figures of the 1960’s California music scene.


A troubled priest gains the ability to transform into a vengeful dinosaur, which of course he uses to fight ninjas.  Duh.

Power of Grayskull:  The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

I think the title pretty much sums this documentary up just fine.

Is That You?

Despite a lifetime of abuse at the hands of her father, a young Cuban woman turns to occult rituals to try to find the man when he goes missing.


A dramatization about the engineer/auto maker John DeLorean, whose failing business drove him into a drug trafficking scheme that was really an FBI sting operation.


A man wakes up from a traffic accident with no memory of who he is.  The police think he is a serial killer wanted for a string of local murders, but his nurse thinks he is innocent.  The man and woman evade the law while trying to piece together the true story.


A young woman struggles to keep her family farm after her father disappears and her mother falls victim to a mysterious illness.  Compounding her problems, a malevolent entity seems to be behind much of her family’s misfortune.


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