Coming Soon Trailers: Angry Birds, Neighbors 2, The Nice Guys

Coming Soon Trailers.

neighbors2-poster03Despite Disney dominating the box office, there’s a lot of room for new films to find a foothold.  Besides Captain America and The Jungle Book, not much is earning hand over fist, so this week we see three new films attempt to sidle up to the bar and make some money.  Continuing the trend, we also have a ton of VOD coming out this week, spread across quite a few genres (and no horror films this week, ending the recent glut.)  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release

The Angry Birds Movie

Another movie based on a game which seems to have missed its intended audience by a decade.  Three birds who don’t fit in with their avian neighbors discover a plot by a group of pigs to take over their homeland, and must travel to a roost of a legendary hero in order to find the means of saving their people from the impending invasion.


See It:  God no.  The second in a train of ill-advised video game adaptations (they’re even making a goddamn Tetris movie…Tetris…the game about shapes that fall from the sky into neat piles…) this movie shouldn’t exist.  The game is shovel-ware that’s expiration date is long past, and involved precisely zero story or lore beyond “fire birds at blocks and pigs”, this should join Ratchet and Clank on the scrapheap of unneeded films.

Neighbors 2:  Sorority Rising

After having survived a fraternity moving into their neighborhood, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are all set to sell their house and move out…if only they can prevent any calamities befalling their slice of suburbia for the summer.  That calamity perfunctorily arrives in the form of a raucous sorority that moves into the house next door, and the blighted couple must turn to their former enemy and frat brother Teddy(Zac Efron) for help in getting the gals evicted.


See It:  If you liked the first one, rent this.  If not, you’re better off firing up Animal House and saving on the ticket price.  Seth Rogen has reached saturation level and is starting down the Adam Sandler route of “keep making movies until people positively hate the sound of your name.”

The Nice Guys

A less-than-successful private investigator (Ryan Gosling) gets teamed up with a mob enforcer (Russell Crowe) in order to solve a missing person case that is somehow tied to the mysterious murder of a porn star.  Through their journey into 1970’s Hollywood hills, they evidence that incriminates nearly every player in the seamy underbelly of the hard partying era.


See it:  Yes.  This film has a fun noir-lite persona, a great eye for period detail, and a screwball sensibility that feels a little bit Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and a little bit The Big Lebowski.  Director Shane Black has made some enjoyable films in the mismatched partner’s genre (the Lethal Weapon series, The Long Kiss Goodnight and The Last Boy Scout, as well as the aforementioned Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) and looks to be well at home on this project.

Video On Demand

Divine Access

A charismatic young rogue of a preacher finds celebrity after embarrassing a noted televangelist on television and uses his new fame to travel the country.  Along the way he has a series of encounters that test his faith, or lack thereof.


Song of Lahore

A docu-drama about musicians from Pakistan who are invited to perform a concert in New York City by famed Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis.


We The People

A documentary about the Market Basket boycott where customers were successfully able to reinstate the ousted CEO of the company who was kicked to the curb the ambitions of his relatives.


Welcome to Happiness

Woody is the author of children’s books who takes a new apartment with a strange feature:  inside his closet is a portal which allows people to travel back into their past and erase their mistakes.  As soon as he moves in, random strangers arrive on his doorstep to make use of the life-changing experience.  While he’s initially please to be the caretaker of such a strange gift, he begins to grown jealous when he himself is not allowed to make use of the portal.


Manhattan Night

Based on the best-seller Manhattan Nocturne, Adrien Brody plays a NYC tabloid reporter whose seamy stories are at odds with his wholesome family life.  A chance to investigate the high profile murder of a famous film director is brought to his attention by the director’s beautiful widow, and the case slowly begins to drag the reporter’s sordid stories into the rest of his life.


Hard Sell

A socially awkward teen with a troubled family life is struggling at his haughty private school until he meets a young runaway.  The two pair up to start a lucrative high school escort service, providing dates to the awkward and unloved.  I guess since the trailer is full of self-help truisms and inspirational music, we’re not supposed to think that this whole premise is a disaster.


The Damned:  don’t you wish that we were dead?

A documentary about The Damned, the first British punk band to cross the Atlantic and find limited success in the States.  A veritable who’s who of the Punk rock scene give their recollections of the volatile band on the eve of their 35th anniversary.



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