Coming Soon Trailers: Annihilation, Game Night.

Coming Soon Trailers: Annihilation, Game Night.

Can Alex Garlands new sci-fi thriller Annihilation measure up to his magnum opus, Ex Machina?

Coming Soon Trailers: Annihilation, Game Night.This weekend we have several intriguing films making their debut.  Annihilation is the latest science fiction film from Alex Garland, the writer/director behind some of the best science fiction thrillers of the last decade.  We also have a romantic science fiction film out this week in Every Day, a story about a doomed romance where one of the lovers changes bodies every day.  Finally, we get a comedy thriller about a murder mystery that gets out of hand.

On the home market ten new films are headed your way, including an intriguing zombie film starring Ellen Page that is also making a limited theatrical run.  In the last weekend before the Oscars, there’s a ton of movies to catch up on.  Lets get cracking.

Wide Release.


A scientist and soldier is drafted to explore the west coast of America where a biological disaster has led to a quarantine.  It has also led to the death of the scientists husband.  With a small group of specialists, she heads into Area X, only to discover an invasive life form that could threaten all of humanity.

See It?:  Yes.

This film has had issues with the director and studio not seeing eye to eye.  Alex Garland has made some amazing films as a writer, director and producer, so I’m glad he stuck to his guns and got his vision of the film made.

Every Day.

Two lovers struggle with the fact that A is an entity who must shift between human bodies every 24 hours.  At first an exciting adventure, the struggle of having to readjust to a new person every day begins to drive the couple apart.

See It?:  Rent it.

An intriguing concept, but it seems like just window dressing for the teen romance drama.  There may be enough here to do more than tug at your heartstrings but I’m content to wait for streaming.

Game Night.

A competitive couple with a love of party games get their wish when Max’s wealthy brother hosts a murder mystery party, complete with hired thugs.  As people start disappearing and Max is taken hostage, it starts to dawn on the players that this mystery is a bit too real.

See It?:  Yes.

I haven’t reviewed a comedy forever here, so I’m excited to see a quirky mystery comedy.  It may not be Clue, but I’m down to solve this caper.

Limited Release.

The Cured.

After years of surviving a zombie-like plague, humanity discovers a cure for the disease.  The cure returns the brain hungry victims back to normal where they then have to reintegrate into society, all while remembering the horrible acts they committed while under the influence of the disease.

See It?:  Yes.

A smart zombie movie?  Hell yeah.  It’s been a while since Helen Page has been in something smart and subversive, and it plays to her strengths.  I’m intrigued.

Video on Demand.

Doomsday Device.

Two cops must track down an ancient device that has the power to rain destruction down on humanity.

See It?:  Nope.

The cheesiest of the cheesy effects were used in making this trailer.  The usual suspects of bad acting, horrendous dialogue and an over-cooked plot make this an easy pass.


A crime scene photographer is traumatized by a series of murders and leaves the force.  He is haunted by the unsolved case and lured back into tracking the killer when a mysterious woman with cryptic information enters his life.

See It?:  Maybe.

This looked like a beautifully filmed crime drama…until it took a hard left into shamanism.  The gritty cop drama winds up looking like The Matrix with more bird feathers.  Who knows, maybe it works…but I’m putting this on the “wait and see list.”

Neat:  The Story of Bourbon.

A documentary about the history of bourbon and the current popular fascination with the American liquor.

See It?:  Fans of Bourbon culture only.

The trailer does a poor job of showing interesting facts about bourbon, instead relying on enthusiasts’ pronouncements of how damn special it is.  I don’t think you’re coming away from this doc with any insight into bourbon greater than “some pretentious people are sure into drinking this stuff.”

Days of Power.


See It?:  WTF?

A rambling incoherent trailer for a film whose promo material is equally incomprehensible.  Pop stars and puppies leads to…a bog standard horror film with lousy acting.  Wow.

7 Guardians of the Tomb.

Researchers uncover a hidden tomb that is the prison for an ancient power.

See It?:  Nope.

This film, a joint Chinese and Australian venture, is basically Brendan Frasier’s The Mummy without anyone remembering to have fun when making a corny B movie.  Also, can we stop putting Kelsey Grammer in dramatic roles?  He’s just awful here.

The Chamber.

A special forces team commandeer a submarine in order to spy on North Korean structures in the Yellow Sea.  The sub is scuttled and trapped on the sea floor, and those inside must make tough decisions in order to survive.

See It?:  Maybe.

I like the claustrophobic setting, but everything else is suspect.  The trailer rips cliched military one liners like they’re reporting directly to Sylvester Stallone.  The acting is overwrought, and the premise is overheated.  If you really like nautical disaster films, maybe this will keep your adrenaline pumping enough to overcome the flaws.

Half Magic.

Three women who are at the ends of their rope decide to change their lives and demand better treatment from their bosses, lovers, and themselves.

See It?:  Sure.

It’s a tad high concept but the three leads are charming and interesting and the film is willing to have fun with the premise.

Beast of Burden.

A pilot who has made a side business of smuggling drugs is approached by the DEA and forced into a sting operation.  If he complies, the feds help his sick wife.  Things go sideways quickly when the cartel sniffs out his betrayal and abduct his wife, putting the pilot and his wife in the center of a drug war.

See It?:  WTF?

I’ve been firmly in Daniel Radcliffe’s corner since seeing Swiss Army Man.  Sure, many of his post Harry Potter films have been…questionable…but he’s shown a penchant for character acting that I enjoy.  This flick is hilariously low-budget, with lousy effects and dialogue.  Can Radcliffe pull it off?  I’m thinking not.

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