Coming Soon Trailers: Ant-Man, The Trainwreck, Mr. Holmes

Coming Soon Trailers

Marvel hopes to prove itself again with a lesser-known Avenger, Judd Apatow hopes you still like to laugh in the face of growing up, and several independent releases may tempt you to stay in and catch a new film on your couch this weekend as we round up the latest trailers for the week of July 16th-19th.


soon antAn ex-con jewel thief (Paul Rudd) and a disgraced scientist (Michael Douglas) team up to defeat a rogue engineer from becoming very tiny…for evil!  Donning a costume that looks like a cross between the Rocketeer and a Cockroach, Rudd gains the ability to get small, ride insects and gain the fabulous and sexy powers of the all-powerful Ant in order to thwart crime and to prevent Marvel’s box office shares from shrinking.

The story is nothing new for Marvel:  guy invents amazing power suit, power suit is stolen for evil purposes, epic fist fights ensue for control of that awesome technology.  Oh, hey there Iron Man, you can skip this one, we’ve got Ant-Guy…Ant-Man was it?  Sorry.  Hard to keep score these days.  While the plot is recycled, the visuals are definitely what are selling this film.  Think Honey I Shrunk the Kids plus the aforementioned super-hero fist fights.

When to See It:  Umm…Rent it?  I’ve seen all of the trailers, and it just doesn’t grab me.  We’ve seen this story before, Paul Rudd seems like he’s trying to channel Chris Pratt, and while the visuals sure look nifty, they don’t look like you absolutely need to see them in theaters.  A story about a little-loved hero sure seems like a big sell for such a little dude.

The Trainwreck

post trainAmy is a successful magazine writer who has learned that hard way that some people just aren’t cut out for the happily-ever after, two point five kids and a car American Dream.  Having watched her parents implode, she’s decided to go it solo, and live it up as a bachelorette in the big city.  She’s got friends, a social life, a great job and everything she wants.  End of movie.  That’s refreshing, a story about being totally OK with being yourself without dependency issues.  Wait?  The movie keeps going?

Amy is shocked to find that she’s falling for her latest writing subject, a sports-medicine phenom who works with the biggest stars, but has a really down-to-earth lifestyle.  Now she’s going to have to weigh the pros of her former life against the frightening prospect of entering a mature* relationship.

*It’s a Judd Apatow film, there’s going to be precious little maturity on display.

When to See It:  Theaters.  I could easily see waiting for this film, as comedies are just as good on the small screen, but we’ve been starved for a decent chuckle recently, so give it a shot.  The trailer looks good, there seems to be plenty of laughs, and I didn’t see Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill anywhere in the trailers, so we should be good to go!  And Tilda Swinton is in it, what more could you need?

El Ardor

soon ardorIn Argentina, the untamed frontier is alive and well.  Unfortunately, so are desperadoes looking to run you off of your land.  A small scale farmer and his daughter are up against a cartel of clear-cutters looking to despoil the rainforest, and when the rough hombres kill the old man, his daughter decides to get even.  Finding a mysterious stranger in the forest (which is usually not a smart move,) the pair decide to lock and load and bring some justice to the bad-lands.

If you love the genre, this film oozes classic western goodness.  The visuals are both seer and beautiful, and the film is about as cut-and-dried a premise for a shoot out flick as you could ask for.  The film also features Alice Braga, who has languished in almost-great roles like Elysium.  She looks great here, and I hope this film lives up to trailer’s promise (cause I’ve been burned before!)

When to See It:  Video on Demand.  This one is still up in the air for a firm release, but I’m hoping it makes it to Amazon soon after it’s July 17th release date.

Mr. Holmes

soon holmesRetired and seeking solace from his unsought fame, Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) retires to the country, haunted by a recent case that he could not solve.  His plans to stay unrecognized when the young son of his land-lady spots his hero, and begins to win over Holmes with his insight and knowledge of Sherlock’s greatest mysteries.  More impressive than his encyclopedic knowledge of case-files is the young boy’s eye for detail and the methods of detecting, and soon the pair return to unravel that last crime that Sherlock cannot put away.

When to See It:  In theaters…if you’re very lucky.  The local cinema has this baby playing this weekend, and I do love me some Sherlock Holmes.  If you’re not quite as lucky, this one feels like it’s going to generate some Oscar love, so expect a wider release if the critics agree.

The Look of Silence

soon lookCelebrated documentary director Joshua Oppenheimer returns to Indonesia, set of his heart-breaking 2013 film The Act of Killing, to revisit survivors of the brutal 1960’s genocide.  Whereas his first film on the subject dealt in sweeping details about the politically motivated (and Western powers backed) purge, this film reconnects with a family of survivors who lost loved ones in the conflict.

Precise, somber, and unflinching, The Look of Silence is not only a daring and insightful documentary, it looks like a beautifully made film.  The camera has a way of finding stillness and striking imagery while the narration details some of the harshest descriptions of human depravity and loss.  It’s remarkable when a documentary is able to follow the maxim “show, don’t tell,” and The Look of Silence seems like a deft masterwork in the genre, telling a very poignant story.

When to See It:  Any chance you get.  If you’re unable to score this film on release, The Act of Killing is available online in order to get you up to speed.


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