Coming Soon Trailers: Area 51, Mad Max

Coming Soon Trailers: Area 51, Mad Max

Coming Soon Trailers: Area 51, Mad Max

Not sure what to watch this weekend? Well here at Deluxe Video we sift through all the trailers of the upcoming movies and tell you what to watch and what to avoid. Because we care about your time, loyal reader…and perhaps because nothing is as much fun as righteous anger when a trailer fails to deliver the goods!


Mad Max: Fury Road

An energetic and adrenaline-laden trailer that shows promise.  George Miller has gone back to his original vision for this series – pure anarchy.  Visually stunning cinematography with loads of insane vehicular mayhem, this could very well be the action movie of the summer. You can read more of my thoughts on this trailer here.

When to see it: Opening night.  Twice.


Area 51

Initially meant as a follow up to Paranormal, for whatever reason Area 51 was shelved by the studio for 4 years before finally getting a theatrical release this weekend.

As a rule of thumb, if a film is in limbo for 4 years the results usually aren’t all that promising.

The film’s protagonist, Reid, has always been obsessed with UFOs. While on a weekend trip to Vegas, he convinces two friends to join him on a mission to break into Area 51, where they find terrifying proof of alien life. One has to ask themselves that if Area 51 is truly a super secret hub of alien experiments, could a bunch of amateurs really break into the place?  Outlook:  silly.

My first impression is that director Oren Peli is plagiarizing himself, but in the horror genre, that’s almost always a given.  The trailer seems to accomplish its task of giving enough creepy goodness to intrigue viewers.

Paramount is hedging its bet by releasing in a limited number of theaters and doing an early Video On Demand release May 15th.  Sometimes a good movie goes this route…but tread carefully.

When to See It: Drunk, after trolling Netflix for hours.


Pitch Perfect 2: The Pitch Is Back

Remember when American Idol was so popular that you could make a movie about a singing competition and people would still line up to see non-amateurs compete for a non-prize in a fictional event, all while overcoming quirky and endearing non-setbacks?  Yeah, neither do we, but somebody greenlit a sequel to Pitch Perfect anyway!

Well looks like the old gang from the first film had a bad performance and must now redeem themselves in an international Acapella championship that no American team has ever won! Crazy, I know! No, not the plot, I mean crazy that this is even a movie, even crazier that it’s a sequel. The only bright spot is Adam Devine (from Workaholics) who has an appearance in this film.

When to see it: When presented with this DVD, a cyanide capsule, and you must choose between them. And then only if life is going pretty well.  Make that extremely well.



Slow West

Slow West is another limited release, but this film has me truly excited, A neo-western that resembles Jim Jarmusch‘s classic Dead Man (perhaps one of my favorite films). The film features Michael Fassbender and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Fassbender plays Silas, who “chaperones” Jay Cavendish (Kodi) in search of his love Rose. The trailer has a bit of dark humor, some compelling dialogue, and enough action to make this a must see for fans of the genre.

When to see it: At your local indie cinema theater…just kidding, we know you’re going to bootleg it.





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