Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers – Endgame.

Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers – Endgame.

This weekend is dominated by the culmination of the MCU’s ten year journey, Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel may have scared away any competition at the theaters, but there’s plenty of streaming options available this weekend.  If you haven’t already locked in your advance ticket for what may be the movie event of the decade, at least you’ve got options.  Seven of them, to be exact.  Ranging from sports dramas to indie horror flicks, there’s plenty of streaming features to help you avoid all of the spoiler-filled reviews about how Ant-Man probably didn’t actually explode Thanos from the inside.

Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers - Endgame.

Wide Release.

Avengers: Endgame.

Having failed to stop Thanos from wiping out half of all life in the universe, the remaining Avengers launch their final, desperate gambit to reverse the Mad Titan’s snap.

Video on Demand.

Naples in Veils.

After a whirlwind night of passion, Adriana thinks she’s finally found Mr. Right.  Unfortunately, he never shows up for a follow up date, and Adriana returns to her normal life.  Turns out he had a pretty solid alibi, as days later he is found dead.


A documentary about the fight between poor fishermen and the luxury, foreign development project that threatens to displace them.


Albrun grows up in a remote 15th century village, enduring the abuse of the townspeople who think she is an agent of evil.  When she begins to actually learn witchcraft, Albrun sets about exacting a horrific vengeance on those who tormented her.


A Rastafarian teen trains to buck the odds and qualify for the World Youth Championship, and earn a ticket back to his family in the United States.

I Trapped the Devil.

Matt and Karen decide to surprise his estranged brother for the holidays, only to discover a horrible secret.  The increasingly paranoid sibling has a man trapped in his basement – a man he claims is the devil incarnate.

Body at Brighton Rock.

When a novice park ranger discovers a body out in the wilderness, she is forced brave the elements in order to guard the crime scene until help arrives.

J.T. Leroy.

Savananah is a young woman living a lie – pretending to be a celebrated author named J.T. Leroy, who is herself a fictional creation of Savannah’s sister-in-law.



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