Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers – Infinity War.

Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers - Infinity War.
Jeeze, does anyone even remember when they introduced this guy?

Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers – Infinity War.

Marvel’s superhero team is set to dominate cinemas in the culmination of 10 years worth of world building.

Coming Soon Trailers: Avengers - Infinity War.
Jeeze, does anyone even remember when they introduced this guy?

As you might expect, there is only one wide release film this week:  The Avengers – Infinity War.  The biggest event in the prolifically popular Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives this weekend, capping off a decade of build-up to the blockbuster.  While Infinity War is set to dominate the box office, there are lots of options this week:  not only does Netflix release a trio of original films, but Ben Kingsley stars in an espionage thriller in limited release, and five films vie for your attention in the Video on Demand section.

Wide Release.

Avengers – Infinity War.

The Avengers, Doctor Strange, and even the Guardians of the Galaxy must unite to face their most dire threat yet as the mad titan Thanos, arrives on Earth, looking for the final power stones that will fuel his ultimate weapon:  the infinity gauntlet.  With this device, Thanos will become the most powerful being in the universe, able to bend time and space to his bloody will.

Limited Release.

Backstabbing for Beginners.

A new employee working for the UN becomes convinced that his predecessor died under suspicious circumstances.  As he digs deeper, he uncovers evidence of a conspiracy that reaches the highest ranks of the organization.

Video on Demand.

Who’s Jenna?

A hot-shot lawyer begins to wonder about his new girlfriend when his best buddy swears that he recognizes her from a porn video.

Downrange (Shudder Exclusive)

A group of students carpooling across the country are stranded on a stretch of deserted road by a lone gunmen who plays a bloody game.

Let the Sunshine In.

A talented painter (Juliette Binoche)  longs to find romance after her divorce, but is dissatisfied by the men around her.


A group of people struggle to reconcile themselves to the real possibility of imminent destruction by nuclear warfare.


Four friends, each a former minor celebrity ranging from a forgotten child star to a comic book artist, make a living by working the convention scene.  Their lives are upended when a feud with the headliner at the latest con causes them to be blacklisted.  Sick of being the also-rans, they decide to team up to take down the arrogant former star.

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