Coming Soon Trailers: AXL, The Happytime Murders.

Coming Soon Trailers: AXL, The Happytime Murders.
Alright then.

Coming Soon Trailers: AXL, The Happytime Murders.

A puppet murder mystery faces off against a robotic dog in a weird, weird summer weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: AXL, The Happytime Murders.
Alright then.

You can’t complain about a lack of variety this weekend…though the quality is an open question.  AXL is the story of a dirt-bike loving teen and a robo-dog.  Happytime Murders is a noir detective comedy with Melissa McCarthy and obscene puppets.  Papillon is the latest remake of a cinema classic, replacing Steve McQueen with Charlie Hunnam.

On the home market we have a restrained roster of six offerings.  These include a documentary ode to another Steve McQueen film, The Great Escape, and Sam Rockwell starring in Blue Iguana, a “pink panther”-esque heist comedy for wise guys.

Wide Release.


Alex is a troubled teen with a flair for fixing things.  AXL is a top secret robot dog.  The two form a friendship, but must elude the authorities as well as mercenaries looking for the advanced tech AXL possesses.

The Happytime Murders.

In a society where puppets live alongside humans as second class citizens, two detectives – one human, one puppet – must solve a series of murders targeting former puppet stars of a hit show.

Limited Release.

Papillon (2018).

The dramatic story of Henri “Papillon” Charriere, a French safe-cracker sent to Devil’s Island prison, and his history making escape attempt.

Video On Demand.

The Coolest Guy Movie Ever.

Part historical documentary, part love-letter, this film goes on location in Germany to cover all of the sets and lore behind the epic action film The Great Escape.

Dead Love.

A young man devastated by the suicide of his mother finds solace in a charming young mortician.  Her voice enchants him, binding them together in ways other than romantically.

What Keeps You Alive.

Jules and Jackie are newlyweds celebrating their first anniversary at Jackie’s family cabin.  Over a disturbing weekend, Jackie reveals a darker side to her husband.

Summer of ’84.

Four teens, led by their conspiracy theorist friend, track a local policeman they suspect of being a serial killer.

Blue Iguana.

Two New York goons are hire to nab a precious gem in London, but others are after the stone as well.


A real estate agent’s life takes a surreal turn when she witnesses an erratic client murder her boss.  The man takes her hostage, claiming he will let her go when he figures out his next move, but each decision he makes is worse than the last.


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