Coming Soon Trailers: Batman V Superman, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, ALL OF THE VOD Part 2!

Coming Soon Trailers.

Batman V Superman V...Souvlaki?
Batman V Superman V…Souvlaki?

Last week’s intermission is over, and the floodgates of Video on Demand are open!  Two big sequels square off in the wide release column, though you can hardly imagine that Batman V Superman and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are going to share much of the same audience.  With so many movies to cover, lets get cracking!

Wide Release

Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice

After the Metropolis shattering finalé to Man of Steel, Superman has been on a mission to rehabilitate his image, working diligently to show his new adopted hometown that he is one of the good guys.  Bruce Wayne, who personally witnessed the devastation, isn’t buying any of it.  As his alter ego, Batman, he intends to be ready to defend humanity against this alien invader.  With billionaire tech mogul Lex Luthor stoking his fears, the Dark Knight gears up for a show down with the Man of Steel.  Oh, an nearly every other character in the DCU shows up for the ride, too.


When to See It:  Did you like the first one?  You’ll probably want to catch this one in theaters.  Did you hate the first one?  Wait for our review on Friday to see if this comic book mashup can save the DC cinematic universe from going off the rails.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Toula Partokalos, happy recipient of the first Big Fat Greek Wedding, is navigating being married while trying to deal with her nosy family and her increasingly restless daughter.  When her baby bird is set to fly the nest for college, Toula begins to recognize the invasive nature of her own parents in herself, and determines to take a step back.  That will become increasingly difficult, because it turns out that her aging parents, due to a legal oversight, don’t have a legitimate marriage certificate, and decide to use that as an excuse to throw themselves another outrageous Big Fat Greek Wedding, complete with the whole clan.


When to See It:  Did you like the first one?  This one actually looks to improve upon the jokes and plot of the first.  The trailer was light and funny, and seems to actually cater to new viewers since Toula’s daughter acts as a surrogate for people who don’t already understand this family.  I’m skipping this one, but it seems like a good time for those who don’t intend to see comic book characters punch each other.

Video on Demand


A helicopter mom decides that her young child’s new skin rash is evidence of big bad agribusiness using teh chemikilz to gluten poison her precious organic offspring.  As she investigates, every conspiracy theory stereotype of evil corporations and mad scientists present themselves to her google informed super sleuth skills.


See It?:  Hell no.  Burn this with fire.  If there were even a hint that this film was going to play fair and develop any suspense about the issue, it might have been fine.  This is a anti-gmo screed dressed up as a fictional thriller…which is convenient because most anti-gmo screeds are filled with fiction to begin with.  Screw this film and the certified organic horse it rode in on.


Baskin is Turkish for police raid, and we’re about to witness a team of officers infiltrate what they believe to be a domestic disturbance…but which actually is a crazy cannibal cult and a doorway to hell.  Two of the officers seems to have the the ability to sense evil, and boy are their heads going to be ringing since this place is filled to the brim with maniacs, murderers, and blood thirsty demons.


See It?:  Rent it, only if you like blood-soaked body-horror.  There are some unique visuals, and the plot line feels like Cops versus Cultists could have some great The Raid-like elements, but I just can’t get down with all of the carnage.  Just not my style.

KTown Cowboys

A group of Asian American buddies try to relive their Korea-Town glory days before settling into adult life.


See It?:  Rent it if you liked The Hangover or Entourage.  It has some fresh perspectives on the whole “one last party” coming of age story, but whether or not you pony up for another shot is really all about how much you like this genre.

They’re Watching

A burned-out American buys a fixer-upper in the Eastern Bloc country of Maldova, and one year later invites an American renovation show to see how much progress she has made.  Unfortunately, the locals are not happy at the intrusion of foreigners, especially when they start digging into the supernatural history of the community.


See It?:  Skip it.  I was intrigued by the clever means by which this film subverts the documentary horror genre.  A “This Old House” episode featuring a house steeped in terror would be awesome!  This project just can’t seem to decide if it wants to play it off for comedy or stick to the scares.  The tongue in cheek tone and the caricatures of Eastern Eurpopean life seem too flippant to sustain any good tension.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend

Jane is a young woman living with Aspergers, living under the over-protective watch of her older sister.  When she meets another awkward young man and makes a connection, it seems like she may finally taking her first steps out into the wider world.  This delights her parents, but frustrates her sister, who has always tried to shield her from life, for good or ill.


See It?:  Yes.  This seems like a quirky meet-cute that takes care to create realistic characters, and not to play up Jane’s conditions for crass laughs.  It’s refreshing to see a character with Aspergers not treated like the comedic relief.

Get a Job

Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller play young college grads who are grappling with pursuing the American dream while submerged in college debt and floundering in a shitty job market.  Bryan Cranston plays Miles’ supportive father.


See It?:  No.  There’s no denying this is a talented cast.  There’s no denying that this situation is very real for many many twenty-somethings trying to deal with system that is more interested in extracting loan payments from them than ensuring they have job prospects.  I just don’t see that this movie does anything more novel than show a cliché version of a situation we all know is happening.  There just wasn’t a hook here.  Twenty-somethings may enjoy it, as an outlet for commiseration, but others may be left cold.


In a low tech dystopia, after an unspecified event sends humanity back to the 1970’s technology-wise, two young men are thrown together by the unanticipated suicide of a mutual friend.  One is a reluctant employee of the monolithic tech firm that makes all of the vintage circuit boards that is keeping technology afloat, while the other is an outsider and hacker who blames our current woes on the very same company.  The two must forge an uneasy partnership when their friend leaves them a mysterious hard drive that points to a dangerous conspiracy.


See It?:  Yes.  Hell yes.  This film looks amazing.  The retro vibe is real, and the plot sounds fantastic.  It is being billed as Blade Runner and Dark City meets Hackers, and let me say…they aren’t wrong.  I’ll be reviewing this baby as soon as I can.


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