Coming Soon Trailers: Beauty and the Beast, The Belko Experiment.

Coming Soon Trailers: Beauty and the Beast, The Belko Experiment.

March is starting to get busy with Disney’s live action remake challenging King Kong.

Coming Soon Trailers: Beauty and the Beast, The Belko Experiment.
Hey, remember that great dance scene? And those songs? And all the jokes?

Congratulations, then you’ve seen the new movie.

Disney is hoping to spike the needle on its latest live action adaptation, Beauty and the Beast.  While various re imaginings have been stalking the land, such as Snow White and the Huntsman or Alice in Wonderland, this is a first chance for Disney to try a much simpler (and potentially more lucrative) approach:  shot for shot remakes of cartoons with a live cast.  Instead of having to give a novel spin on a timeless tale, why not just repackage it with minimal effort?

That seems to be the way of March blockbusters.  King Kong is certainly a well worn property, and Logan was the 7th out for Hugh Jackman as that character.  Another new release this week, T2: Trainspotting is certainly hoping to revive nostalgic feelings.  The Belko Experiment, while intriguing, is the latest film to “borrow” elements from Battle Royale, this time moving the life or death fight from high school to a cubicle.

On the home front, we’ve got two documentaries and a horror movie.  That sounds about par for the course with VOD…

Wide Release.

Beauty and the Beast.

A tale as old as time…retold line for line from the 1991 animated classic.

See It?:  Skip It.

Even positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes sound like negative reviews for this film.  It just depends on whether or not a retread of an old classic is enough of an affront to keep you out of the theater.  Since none of the myriad trailers have offered ANY new material, I’d say just go re-watch the original.

The Belko Experiment.

A South American office building filled with American worker drones suddenly goes on full lock-down.  The stunned personnel are treated to a bland corporate voice on the intercom laying out the rules: kill your coworkers or you’ll never leave alive.

See It?:  Yes.

There are elements from other great films at work here, notably Office Space and Battle Royal (or The Hunger Games, if you’re too young to have seen the series it shamelessly stole from.)  That being said, I think there’s enough genre bending and strong humor to keep this afloat, and really…who doesn’t want to go on a homicidal rampage at work from time to time?

Limited Release.

T2: Trainspotting.

Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) returns to his old haunts twenty years after the events of the original film, looking to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.  Pretty much mostly the latter.

See It?: Rent it.

Blow the dust off of this franchise! Was there such a tremendous clamoring for a sequel twenty years after the original hit cult classic status? I’m sure the cast, the highlight of the first, will be up to the task, but what more is there to mine from this concept? Wait for a home release and then pull a two-fer with the original.

Video On Demand.

When the Bough Breaks.

A documentary looking at the nature of postpartum depression.

See It?:  Netflix.

Do I even have to explain this any more?  Netflix is for documentaries (and precious little else these days.)

The Devil’s Candy.

A tormented artist and his family move to a dirt cheap house in Texas.  Turns out the house is for sale for a reason: the devil is afoot, and he’s using the home’s former owner to terrorize the new tenants.

See It?:  Yes.

There’s some clunky dialogue and exposition, but the visuals are solid and the characters are interesting.  It promises a heavy metal soundtrack, so that’s nice.  Give it a whirl.


A documentary looking at the town of Uncertain, Texas, where all 94 residents live in fear of an invasive plant which could ruin their only source of income.


See It?:  Netflix.

Rinse and repeat.


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