Coming Soon Trailers: Beirut, Borg Vs McEnroe, Rampage.

Coming Soon Trailers: Beirut, Borg Vs McEnroe, Rampage.
Prove me wrong, Rock, prove me wrong.

Coming Soon Trailers: Beirut, Borg Vs McEnroe, Rampage.

With this week’s variety of movie selections, there should be a film to scratch any itch.

Coming Soon Trailers: Beirut, Borg Vs McEnroe, Rampage.
Prove me wrong, Rock, prove me wrong.

No matter what mood you’re in, there should be something at the theater for you this weekend.  The Rock has an over-the-top action flick based on the old coin-op video game Rampage.  John Hamm plays a grizzled operative trying to defuse a hostage situation in Beirut.  Shia LaBeouf lobs one over the net in a sports drama about the classic match between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.  The kids have Sgt. Stubby, a doggie war hero.  Finally, Truth or Dare looks to recapture the cheesy/gory magic of Final Destination-style horror.

On the home market, we have a similar spread.  Ben Kingsley continues the streak of big name actors playing disgraced strongmen in his drama An Ordinary Man.  Liv Tyler stars in an intriguing take on the werewolf myth in Wildling.  The selection is rounded out by a pair of documentaries and the requisite horror films.

Wide Release.


A former American diplomat who lost his wife while stationed in Beirut is called out of self-imposed exile by the CIA when an old friend is kidnapped by the same group that he believes was responsible for the tragedy.

Borg Vs McEnroe.

A dramatic adaptation of the sporting event of Bjorn Borg versus John McEnroe.  Borg was the biggest tennis star in the world, intent on winning his 5th Wimbledon championship, but he’s opposed by a brash and talented young American player who has a reputation for erratic behavior.


A primatologist (Dwayne Johnson) is thrust into a global emergency when a rogue genetic experiment causes his favorite gorilla and several other animals to grow to enormous size and go on a rampage.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero.

An American GI rescues a stray dog during World War 1, and the pup goes on to become a hero.

Truth or Dare.

On spring break, a group of college kids are convinced to play a game of truth or dare by a sinister stranger.  They soon learn this is no ordinary game as failure to play by the rules results in death, and there can be only one survivor.

National Expansion.

Isle of Dogs.

When an anti-dog politician exiles all of the dogs in Megasaki city to trash island, a young boy sneaks onto the isle in search of his loyal dog.  The local canines band together to help the boy find his longtime friend.

Limited Release.


Five friends affected by childhood mercury poisoning return to their old school, only to find that a ghost town and old horrors await them.

Video on Demand.

Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer.

A documentary about Mabel Stark, the first female tiger trainer who became a leading figure in the heyday of the circus when female performers were not given the center ring.

House on Elm Lake.

A young couple buy their dream house, only to discover that it was the location for a brutal series of ritual murders.  Things do not turn out well for them.


A biopic about Elis Regina, a Brazilian singer.

Us and Them.

Angry at his lack of options, a young man holds a member of the wealthy 1% hostage, intent on making a viral video about punishing the rich who have profited off of the poor.


A young woman raised in isolation is taken into protective custody by the police.  Her isolation has caused her to distrust those around her, and it may have been for her own protection:  once on the loose, she begins to be drawn to the forest and feel an unsettling ferociousness.

An Ordinary Man.

A former strongman and war criminal living under an assumed identity (Ben Kingsley) is moved to a new government safe house where he falls for his maid – a mysterious woman who has her own secrets.

Party Bus to Hell.

A group of thrill seekers heading out to the desert for a festival are put into a life and death situation when their bus breaks down near a group of cultists in the middle of a demonic ritual.


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