Coming Soon Trailers: BFG, Legend of Tarzan, Purge – Election Year

Coming Soon Trailers.

A giant, a gorilla and a Abraham Lincoln walk into a theater…which one can dethrone Finding Dory?

Oh good, another monkey movie. Great.
Oh good, another monkey movie. Great.

Three new challengers are set to give Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory a run for the money on Independence Day weekend.  (Independence Day Resurgence is not one of them!)  The one with the best shot, The BFG, is a Beuna Vista production, so once again Disney is racing itself for top position.  Roald Dahl properties tend to be…dark…but expect this outing to be family friendly enough to compete with Dory.  We get more CG monkeys and brooding shirtless heroes from The Legend of Tarzan, and The Purge goes into its third iteration by tackling politics in a world where you are allowed to shoot your opponents (so, American, basically.)

In VOD, there are two films on the market.  Both of them are about bank robberies.  Sigh.  This is going to be a long weekend indeed.

Wide Release


A big friendly giant abducts a little girl, Sophie, but it is totally cool because she’s and orphan and he’s not the kind of giant to eat children.  They become friends, but the other giant’s start making trouble because they don’t like children.  Sophie hatches a plan to commit genocide and destroy all the other giants, but its cool because she’s and orphan and he’s not the kind of giant that eats children.


See It:  Rent it.  Fans of Dahl will want to adopt early, but this film isn’t screaming must see.

The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan has long since abandoned his jungle home in favor of a title, Lord Greystoke, and a quiet life with his lady love, Jane.  Political plots and a bloodthirsty profiteer conspire to bring our still surprisingly buff English gentleman back to the Congo.  To punch gorillas and run with computer generated animals, apparently.


See It:  No.  This one looks like only a good dose of Riff Trax could possibly save it.  The plot seems thin, the action unbelievable, and the CG looks omnipresent and hokey in spots, despite our monkey animating technology being at its pinnacle.  Seriously, what’s up with all of the monkey movies these days?

The Purge:  Election Year

This year’s purge coincides with a presidential election, and wouldn’t you know it, the leading female candidate finds herself out on the streets of DC on the one night murder is legal.  She must rely on her head of security, who survived his own night of reckoning in the last film, if she wants to live to see Election Day.


See It:  Yes.  I think The Purge movies have been getting better with each iteration, not afraid to really embrace the social satire in more complicated (and bloody) ways each outing.  This one is timely and morbidly prescient.  Give it a roll.

Video On Demand

Carnage Park

A bank robbery gone wrong sends two ruthless criminals out into the badlands to avoid the law.  Unfortunately for them, there is a crazier sumabitch out there who uses this isolated stretch of road as his own personal game preserve, hunting the most dangerous prey:  cars?  People in cars?  I’m starting to really hate bank robbery movies.


See It:  Maybe.  Director Mickey Keating did some very interesting things in Pod, but here he seems to be very much homaging the grind-house style.  The acting also seems suspect (as does the corn-pone drawls that the characters use for better or worse.)  It did well on the indie scene, so this could be a gem…just looks a tad over-baked to me.


A string of deadly bank heists lead a team of FBI agents back to the president of the banks being targeted (Bruce Willis).  As the heists appear to lead the team on a trail of breadcrumbs, the only question that remains is if Willis is part of the plan, or being set up.


See It:  Maybe.  The cast is strong, and the visuals look great.  I just can’t get behind another heist movie.  I’ve been burned before.  I’d say pull the trigger if the price is low enough.


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