Coming Soon Trailers: Birds of Prey.

Coming Soon Trailers: Birds of Prey.

Harley Quinn gets the box office all to herself in DC’s follow up to Suicide Squad.

One new wide release arrives at theaters, hoping to shake off the post-Super Bowl slump. At home, ten new streaming titles are available to rent. With such a bonanza you’d expect at least one Nicolas Cage flick, but we’ll have to settle for Elijah Woods battling demons instead.

Close enough!

Wide Release.

Birds of Prey.

Harley Quinn leaves the Joker and takes her off-brand crime fighting techniques to the streets alongside a trio of female heroes.

Video on Demand.

Stan the Man.

A hedonistic, rich playboy fritters away his fortune with some very dangerous Russian mobsters. A botched liquor store robbery leaves him near death, when an angel appears to give him 30 days to straighten out his life.

Inside Game.

A dramatization about NBA referee Tim Donaghy, whose inside betting scandal rocked the basketball association.

The Hunt for Vlad the Impaler.

Seven warriors are tasked by the ruler of the Ottoman Empire to hunt down Vlad the Impaler and end his reign of terror.

Back to the Fatherland.

Two friends must contend with their past: Gil is the granddaughter of a holocaust survivor, and Kat is the granddaughter of a Nazi officer. Alongside other descendants on either side of the atrocities, this documentary explores how we grapple with our past.

The Festival.

After being dumped and melting down in front of his entire college during graduation, Nick gets whisked away to a three day music festival by friends, in order to get out of his own head.

Atomic Apocalypse.

In a bombed-out dystopia, one women fights to find her family.

Invasion Planet Earth.

After morning the tragic loss of their daughter, a young couple feels blessed when they learn then are about to have another child. The news comes just moments before humanity learns that an invasion force from the stars is headed our way.

A Patient Man.

A man grieving the loss of his wife in a car accident makes an unlikely friend on a commuter train. Is it a chance meeting, or do both men have another, sinister connection?

Waiting for Anya.

A young shepherd works with a reclusive widow (Anjelica Huston) to help smuggle Jewish refugees through their village and away from the horrors of Nazi occupation.

Come to Daddy.

A privileged and emotionally stunted man (Elijah Woods) goes to meet his estranged father in a remote coastal villa. There, he struggles to understand the man, as demons literal and metaphorical come to get their due.

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