Coming Soon Trailers: Blair Witch, Bridget Jones’ Baby, Hillsong, Snowden

Coming Soon Trailers: Blair Witch

Coming Soon Trailers: Blair Witch, Bridget Jones’ Baby, Hillsong, Snowden.

A varied quartet of wide releases competes with a trio of VOD films, including a new clown massacre by Rob Zombie.

Coming Soon Trailers: Blair Witch
Just another day in a Rob Zombie movie.

With all of the late summer blockbusters safely abed, the new releases are venturing forth into theaters and the home market.  Two old franchises get unexpected new iterations, a documentary looks at the rise of an Australian Christian music group, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in a docudrama about Edward Snowden.  On the home front, we get Rob Zombie’s carnies versus clowns bloodbath, 31, and a pair of documentaries.  Time to get cracking!

Wide Release

Blair Witch

Relatives of the victims from the first Blair Witch Project head into the woods in order to find out if the original team of terrified film students are still alive.  Directed by Adam Wingard (V/H/S, You’re Next.)


See It?:  Maybe

“This looks familiar…we’re going in circles!” may be the most salient line of the trailer.  While it does look to recycle quite a bit from the first film, it also does look like it has a pretty high degree of polish.  Can it make the original fresh again?  Wait for early reviews on this one.

Bridget Jones’ Baby

Bridget Jones is back into the single’s lane after breaking up with her fairy tale suitor, Mr. Darcy.  She meets an exciting American and comes down with a case of the preggers…but she’s not quite sure who the father is.  Better call Maury, ASAP.  Starring Renee Zellwigger and Colin Firth.


See It?:  Nope.

I actually wanted to say yes to this.  The trailer is unfailingly pleasant.  But…it’s just not doing anything new.  Fans of the series will probably be pleased, as this looks to be a very likable outing for their heroine, but newcomers will likely tire of how safe and predictable everything in this universe is.

Hillsong:  Let Hope Rise

This documentary/concert film explores the rise to prominence of Australia’s faith-based band and church, Hillsong.


See It?:  Amen.

If you are of a notion to like religious movies, than you’re in luck.  So much of the holy rolling cinema of the last few years has been crass and exploitative.  This film at least is earnest and unpretentious.


A docudrama about Edward Snowden, the computer pro who leaked documents from the NSA about America’s illegal affairs during the turbulent war on terror.  Directed by Oliver Stone, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


See It?:  Yes.

Oliver Stone can tend to bog down in sniffing his own farts, but he knows how to pack a film with talent.  It’s a solid plot, plenty of action and intrigue, and I think I even saw a non-screaming Nicholas Cage in there.  That’s worth seeing just for the rarity.

Video on Demand

Silicon Cowboys

A documentary looking at the rise of the founders of Compaq Computers, and of their long legal battle with IBM over the future of the personal PC.


See It?:  No.

Unless you’re incredibly interested in the history of the PC, there’s not much else to see here.


A lyric documentary about Sergei Polunin, a young phenom at the Royal Ballet who left the dancing world amidst a struggle for self identity and self control.


See It?:  Yes.

I’m about the last person you’d get to watch a documentary about ballet, which is why it is so striking that this trailer had me hooked.  Looks like some really compelling human interest going on here.


A group of carnival workers are taken prisoner and forced to fight a bevy of psychotic clowns (are there any other kinds?)  Directed by Rob Zombie, starring Malcolm McDowell.


See It?:  Maybe.

You should know by now if a Rob Zombie movie is for you.  He’s a master of intricate visuals and frenetic camera work, but also pretty mired in silly plots and gore for gore’s sake.  If you want to see people eviscerated with style and panache…over and over and over by freaks of nature…this is the movie for you.



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