Coming Soon Trailers: Breaking In, Life of the Party.

Coming Soon Trailers: Breaking In, Life of the Party.

Coming Soon Trailers: Breaking In, Life of the Party.

Melissa McCarthy is back to college and a mother is out for justice in this week’s wide release trailers.

Coming Soon Trailers: Breaking In, Life of the Party.
Are you really sure you want to remind people that Old School exists, Melissa?

We’ve got one week left until the big blockbuster season kicks off with Deadpool 2 and is quickly followed by Disney’s Han Solo movie.  That means it’s time to slot in a few genre flicks before the CGI tsunami!  This week Melissa McCarthy plays a single mom headed back to college to relive her glory days, and Gabrielle Union plays a single mother fending off four ruthless burglars in Breaking In.  I guess we’re going to be having a weird Mother’s Day weekend

On the home market we are busy (and there aren’t even any documentaries or horror movies!)  We have a pair of high school flicks, one a drama about rekindling friendship in the wake of tragedy, and a comedy about breaking the rules to get into your dream college.  There is also a comedy about online dating, a sports drama, a thriller, and a tale of bloody revenge.  You know, stuff mom will like!

Wide Release.

Life of the Party.

Suddenly dumped by her husband, Deanna decides to return to college in order to make her own future.  The only problem is that her daughter is attending the same school, and is not thrilled to have her frumpy mom tagging along on campus.

Breaking In.

A mother takes her son and daughter on a retreat to a secluded vacation home owned by her late husband.  Once there, they experience a weekend of terror as four assailants trying to rob the home wind up taking the kids hostage.  Determined to get her family, not even the high tech security of the villa can stop the woman from getting revenge and saving her children.

Video on Demand.

Dating My Mother.

A single mother and her newly out gay son both try to deal with the dizzying world of online dating.

The Pass.

Just before taking the pitch for the first time, two budding soccer stars share an intimate encounter.  Hiding their feelings from each other and their teammates, both men go on to wildly different levels of fame and success, haunted by what could have been.


An ordinary family man starts to become alarmed by signs around him that the world may be coming to an end.  He enlists his wife and family to begin doomsday prepping…only none of them know what to do, and what particular brand of Armageddon to prepare for!

The Honor List.

After having drifted apart into different cliques in high school, three upperclassmen are reunited by the sudden death of a common friend.  As they come to terms and remember their old friendships, they decide to follow through on the bucket list they made as freshmen.

Class Rank.

Veronica has worked her whole school life to attend Yale, but her class rank of #2 means she is about to miss out on her dream.  Along with a classmate with a radical streak, she sets about to abolish the ranking system in her school, showing the students they’re not just a number.

Higher Power.

Joseph Steadman is forced into a covert science experiment in order to save his family.  The tables are turned when the project gives Steadman powers with which to fight back against his tormentors.

The Escape.

Emma feels like her whole life is simply the sum of her domestic roles:  dutiful wife, caring mother, and household drudge.  She chucks it all to the curb and heads off to Paris to rediscover herself, but her old life isn’t quite so easy to escape.


Jen is on a vacation retreat with her boyfriend when several of his unsavory friends crash the party, looking to use the cabin for a hunting trip.  After an angry confrontation while out in the wilderness, the hunting buddies leave Jen for dead…which is their first mistake, as the young woman is alive and out for vengeance.


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