Coming Soon Trailers: Captain Marvel.

No pressure.

Coming Soon Trailers: Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel blasts into theaters while ten films compete for a spot in your streaming library.

Coming Soon Trailers: Captain Marvel.
No pressure.

Hey, did you hear that a little movie called “Captain Marvel” is due out this week?  Marvel’s first female led super hero flick flies into theaters this week, looking to single-handedly save the box office from the current horrendous sales figures.  The first of a one-two punch that will culminate in Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel looks to be riding high on early reviews.

Understandably, few other big movies are looking to go toe to toe with Marvel’s big solo film.  We do get one western flick in limited release this week, The Kid (not a remake of Charlie Chaplin’s classic.)  We also get ten new films headed to streaming services.  Unfortunately, I can only get 8 trailers for them, since Vimeo is rubbish.

Wide Release.

Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), a fighter pilot whisked away from her home during a fateful encounter, becomes a galactic hero empowered to stop two warring alien races from destroying the Earth.

Limited Release.

The Kid (2019).

A young boy looking to rescue his sister from their desperado uncle (Chris Pratt) winds up sharing the trail with legendary gunfighter Pat Garrett as he hunts the infamous outlaw Billy the Kind (Dane Dehaan).

Video on Demand.

Among the Shadows.

A detective with werewolf ancestry tries to unravel the murder of her uncle, placing her in the middle of a supernatural war.


Two young parents are struggling with the exhaustion of a new baby.  When the mother begins to see a sinister stranger in the house, she at first questions her sanity.  As more clues reveal themselves, the couple fear that a malevolent entity has its eyes on them.

The House.

Two Nazi soldiers escorting a prisoner of war are forced to shelter in an isolated cabin when the weather turns dangerous.  Unfortunately, their shelter turns out to be deadlier than the storm outside.

Boy Band.

Four aging, has-been pop idols attempt to jump start their careers by completing their long overdue sophomore album.

100 Yards.

A pro football player with everything going for him is knocked for a loop by the disappearance of his mother and a sudden cancer diagnosis.  In treatment, he meets a young boy also dealing with cancer and an inspiring nurse who help him to face his troubles head on.

The Cannibal Club.

Otavio and Gilda are two Brazilian socialites who belong to an elite dinner club…of cannibals.  When they stumble upon incriminating secrets of some of their high-ranking dinner companions, they fear they may wind up on the menu.

Cradle of Champions.

A documentary following three aspiring boxers as they compete in an historic ten-week tournament that has produced generations of boxing champions.

Juanita (Netflix)

Fed up with her life and family, Juanita (Alfre Woodard) hits the road to rediscover herself.

Time for Ilhan.

A documentary about current Representative Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American woman elected to Congress, and her historic battle for a seat on the Minnesota State Legislature.

Walk. Ride. Rodeo.  (Netflix)

A based on true events drama about Amberley Snyder, a pro-rodeo prospect who becomes paralyzed in an accident yet continues her dream of being a competitive barrel racer.

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