Coming Soon Trailers: Captive State, Wonder Park.

Coming Soon Trailers: Captive State, Wonder Park.

Coming Soon Trailers: Captive State, Wonder Park.

Three new wide release films look to find their niche in the Captain Marvel ecosystem.

While it is highly likely that Marvel’s latest blockbuster will retain the first place crown, three new wide release films look to position themselves for success.  Captive State is a gritty dystopian film that looks like a blend of young adult lit and The Purge.  Wonder Park caters to a younger audience with its theme park escapism.  And Five Feet Apart is the latest “teen love story where one or more person is terminally ill”.  I can’t believe that’s a genre, but it seems like we get at least two of these films a year.

On the home front, we have eight new entries hitting streaming markets.  The big draw this week is Netflix’s latest “we’re a respectable studio now” title: Triple Frontier, starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, and Charlie Hunnam.

Coming Soon Trailers: Captive State, Wonder Park.
The Netflix formula: throw talent at the project and see if it works out.

Wide Release.

Captive State.

When aliens arrived ten years ago, the governments of the world quickly knuckled under to their advanced tech.  Now, in a suburb of Chicago, a generation raised under occupation has to decide if they’ll submit or rebel.

Five Feet Apart.

Stella wants to live the life of a normal high school girl, but is isolated due to her cystic fibrosis.  Her life changes when she meets, Will, another teen dealing with cystic fibrosis.

Wonder Park.

As a little girl, June loved nothing more that to build her imaginary Wonderland amusement park with her mom.  After her mother’s death, she forgot about Wonderland…but the park never forgot about her.  When she discovers a real version of Wonderland hidden in the woods, she vows to complete the park and save it for others.

Video on Demand.

Madonna and the Breakfast Club.

A documentary look at pre-fame Madonna, when she was struggling to make it in New York with her first band – Breakfast Club.

Welcome to Acapulco.

Matt, a struggle video game designer, heads to New Mexico for a games award presentation that could save his career.  He quickly gets sidetracked by an old friend (and several shots) and winds up in Mexico instead.  His mind a blur, he winds up on the run from Feds, drug dealers, and hitmen all looking for a package he’s not sure he has.  That sounds familiar


Sadie and her dog scooter want nothing more than to live outdoors.  Making their camp amidst the snow and Douglas fir trees, life seems idyllic.  Unfortunately, a changing climate has pushed the forest’s balance out of whack, and her favorite place may soon be only a fond memory for future generations.

Nothing to Do.

Kenny coasts through his life, working an anonymous job as an oldies songs DJ on the radio.  When his father reveals that he’s dying, Kenny tries to make sense of the impending loss.  Kenny’s sister refuses to just take it lying down, causing a conflict between accepting and fighting the diagnosis.

Acts of Desperation.

*I don’t know.  Something about desperate people doing desperate things that are somehow all related to a central event.  This trailer is a garbage fire.  Do not recommend!*

The Glorious Seven.

An ex-military commander is sent to save the wife of a crooked millionaire.  Alongside six of his former comrades, he must infiltrate the heavily defended base of the guerilla fighters who kidnapped the woman.

Triple Frontier (Netflix)

After decades of service with nothing to show for it, a group of former special forces ops decide to pull off a daring heist in South America.

The Iceman.

A dramatic reconstruction of the life of Otzi the iceman, based on the five thousand year old mummy found frozen in a glacier.


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