Coming Soon Trailers: Charlie’s Angels, Ford V Ferrari.

Coming Soon Trailers: Charlie's Angels, Ford V Ferrari.

Three new wide release films race to theaters. Can they rev the slumping Box Office?

November keeps its foot down on the gas, but so far the tires have just been spinning. Christian Bale and Matt Damon pull in with Ford V Ferrari. Hopefully this film turns out better than the last movie with V in the title

Charlie’s Angels gets a reboot/belated sequel. So far this year, long delayed soft sequels have been less than impressive at the box office. Perhaps director and star Elizabeth Banks can morph this project into a winner.

Our final wide release is a thriller starring living legends Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen. All in all, we’re at least in for a star studded weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: Charlie's Angels, Ford V Ferrari.

Wide Release.

Charlie’s Angels.

When a whistleblower reports his company’s dangerous new tech to the Charles Townsend detective agency, a new generation of Charlie’s Angels must head into harms way to protect the world.

Ford V Ferrari.

A dedicated designer pairs with a relentless driver in an attempt to dethrone Ferrari’s race dominance at Le Mans in a cutting edge Ford race car.

The Good Liar.

A career confidence man (McKellen) finds his usual tactics challenged when he falls for a wealthy widow (Mirren).

Video on Demand.

Saving Atlantis.

A documentary woven from three groups tied to coral reefs – scientists looking to protect them, conservationists studying a reef in Colombia that may be key to beating the odds, and aboriginal students in Australia trying to reconnect to their increasingly endangered reef.

Pink Wall.

A drama following the ups and downs of two people across the six years of their relationship.

Up There.

A journalist given a dead-end assignment discovers that his local guide has a blockbuster story. Unfortunately, she does not realize that she has become the focus of his piece.

Midday Demons.

An Irish writer heads to Italy with her husband to claim a mysterious inheritance from his deceased uncle. Left alone in the sprawling property, she begins to uncover a dark mystery.

The Bygone.

A struggling rancher reeling from personal tragedy tries to find comfort in a local brothel. Instead, he finds a young Native American girl forced into human trafficking. When he takes her away, a violent pimp assaults him and abducts her. Against the advice of local authorities, he begins to track the pair.

Night Sweats.

After his roommate dies suddenly, a young man decides to infiltrate the shady self-help company he worked for. He discovers a terrifying secret and a viral disease about to be unleashed.


After an electromagnetic pulse wipes out power in America, the country falls into anarchy. A young teen and her father attempt to make the trek into the Pacific Northwest to find shelter with their doomsday prepper grandfather, but are surrounded by danger.

Crown Vic.

A veteran cop and his new trainee must contend with a restless city, a serial cop killer, and crooked cops in one deadly night on patrol.

The Shed.

Two bullied youth make a startling discover: a vampire has taken up residence in one of their sheds. One teen wants it dead, but the other thinks it may be the solution to their bully problems.

The Feast of Seven Wishes.

The Oliverio family prepare to celebrate a traditional Italian Christmas celebration. Tony seems to finally have something to celebrate when he meets Beth, but between family and the new couple’s exes, it may be a rough yuletide.

My First Kiss and the People Involved (Amazon Prime)

Sam is a young woman withdrawn from the world in a group home, until her caregiver goes missing. As she searches for the one person who believes in her, she must confront the outside world and the reality she has been running from.

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