Coming Soon Trailers: Child’s Play, Toy Story 4, Anna.

Coming Soon Trailers: Child's Play, Toy Story 4, Anna.

Coming Soon Trailers: Child’s Play, Toy Story 4, Anna.

This weekend comes down to a battle of two movies about toys looking to slay at the box office.

Part of me wants to know what the on Earth compelled United Artists to put their rebooted demonic doll movie up against Toy Story 4.  The other part of me wants to give them a hi-five for the sheer audacity of the move.  Next week, there’s just one new wide release, a fairly tame indie comedy.  UA took a look at the easy road, sneered in its direction, and decided to get in the ring with Pixar’s biggest franchise.  Go get ’em, Chucky.

Coming Soon Trailers: Child's Play, Toy Story 4, Anna.
Dream big.

On the home market, we’re still busy…but nowhere close to last week’s lunatic pace.  Seven new flicks hit the streaming market.  I guess everyone thinks they can take a piece of The Mouse’s weekend box office this week!

Wide Release.


Anna (Sasha Luss) hides a lethal secret underneath her beautiful façade:  decades of brutal training have turned her into one of the world’s most feared assassins.

Child’s Play.

Andy is new to town and frequently alone thanks to his mother’s (Aubrey Plaza) thankless job.  To make up for it, she buys him the latest smart toy, Buddi (Mark Hamill) which turns out to have a dark side to it.

Toy Story 4.

Woody (Tom Hanks) has his horizons broadened beyond the walls of his toy box when he goes on an unexpected road trip with Bonnie’s new toy, Forky (Tony Hale).

Video on Demand.

Wig (HBO).

An impromptu drag show in the East Village because a cultural festival for drag queens for nearly two decades.  After going quiet, one of the founders has brought it back, bigger then ever.

The Nightmare Gallery.

An anthropology professor must follow clues from occult artifacts into a world of horror in order to her favorite student.


A young singer in love with Boy George’s music is drafted into the South African Army during apartheid, and becomes part of their choir.  Touring the country in support of a government and religious order opposed to his ideals and sexual identity, Johan begins to discover his own voice.

Ghost Light.

A troupe of summer stock actors tour Massachusettes performing Shakespeare, and flagrantly mock the supposed curse upon mentioning the title of one of his greatest tragedies, Macbeth.  Horror ensues.

Beats (Netflix).

A teen music prodigy strikes up an unlikely friendship with a high school security guard over their mutual love of hip hop.  Challenging societies assumptions about themselves, they try to break into the hip hop music scene.


A troubled boy is sent to an exclusive clinic that promises to make him perfect – by using implants to control his mind and body.

Swinging Safari.

While a group of teens become engrossed in the drama of a beached blue whale on their local beach, their parents are celebrating the 1970’s summer with a good old fashioned swingers party.


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